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Permanent Collection

Sweetwater Center for the Arts’ permanent collection started with generous donations by regional artists and collectors over 10 years ago. Through the years, Sweetwater’s permanent collection has grown to include works from regional as well as national artists in a variety of media, with a focus on painting, photography, and ceramics. A large majority of the works in our collection were included in Sweetwater gallery exhibitions prior to acquisition.

Sweetwater has recently expanded our acquisition program to include purchase awards. We are excited by this new development, as it will allow us to not only better direct the collection, but offer more rewards to our exhibiting artists.

Artists included in Sweetwater’s Permanent Collection: Leslie Ansley, Miranda Brandon, Aaron M Brown, Derrick Burbel, Joseph C. Cirelli, Michael Crease, Frank Dininno, Sue Eddy, Keith Ellis, Jeff Falk, Bill Feduska, Mark Gualtieri, Myka Hayden, Trevor John Herceg, Sisavanh Houghton, Catherine Kelly, Mandy Kendall, Nadya Lapets, Constance Menniti, Tybre Newcomer, Norma Nieto, Ronald Nigro, Aysha Peltz, Joyce Werwie Perry, Jebby Potter, Mabi Ponce De Leon, Anne Roecklein, Shana Salaff, Michael Paul Smith, Cassie Staub, Maggie Sullivan, Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr., Richard V. Thompson, & Shawn Watrous.

Seth Charles

Highball 2 by Seth Charles
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Anne Roecklein

Icescape by Anne Roecklein
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Jeff Falk

Intelligent Design by Jeff Falk
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Aysha Peltz

Lidded Jar by Aysha Peltz
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Frank Dininno

Melancholy by Frank Dininno
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Perry Melat

Storefront by Perry Melat
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Miranda Brandon

Thank You. Have a nice day! (Forestscape #2) by Miranda Brandon
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Aaron M. Brown

The Alchemist's Model by Aaron M. Brown
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Connie Menniti

The Party's Over by Connie Menniti
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Cassie Staub

This Could Be Anywhere by Cassie Staub
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Sisavanh Phouthavong-Houghton

Untitled #16 by Sisavanh Phouthavong-Houghton
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Sharon Gardner

Flask 1 by Sharon Gardner
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Leslie Ansley

Life's Bounty by Leslie Ansley
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Jebby Potter

Artwork by Jebby Potter
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Myka Hayden

Turtle Jug by Myka Haden
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