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Jebby Potter

Jebby Potter is a contemporary painter with a deep focus in abstract impressionism. From an early age, Jebby studied impressionism and found inspiration in artists such as Bonnard and Vuillard. Continuing her art practices, Jebby received a Painting and Design degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Post-graduation, Jebby worked in art education in Pennsylvania and New York. Jebby was also a co-founder of Sweetwater Center for the Arts.

With studios in California and New York, Jebby is able to create works in rich lighting throughout the shifting seasons. Her works can be found in private collections and galleries around the United States. Jebby has been featured in a multitude of exhibitions and shows, with many ending in awards. Pieces by Jebby can currently be viewed at the Meghan Candler in Florida and Gretchen’s Gallery in New York.

Artwork by Jebby Potter