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Happy Summer!  If you have enrolled in summer camp already, you will receive the following information in a welcome email Wednesday or Thursday before camp starts. Please make sure that emails from Sawyer are not going to your spam or junk folders so that you are familiar with policies and procedures for this year’s summer camps.


Q: Where do I park?

There will be on-street parking available on Bank Street, as well as a small parking lot adjacent to the building.


Q: Where do I go to check in and check out my child? 

Check in is either at the Bank Street entrance, or the Parking lot entrance, depending on what floor of our building the camp is on. The Rotating Door on Broad Street is not a check in point. Please follow the check-in signs to a designated check in point so we can ensure that attendance is accurate.

You will be asked which camp you are here for, and your child’s name to check in. They will proceed to their assigned classroom from there. Check in begins at 8:45AM for the morning session and 12:45 for the afternoon session.

You, or the authorized individual to pick up your child, will be asked to show ID before your child is released from camp. This is for the safety of your child! You should have included up to three emergency contacts that are authorized to also pick your child up from camp upon registration. If you have any changes to these contacts or authorized individuals, please email

Check-out will be at the following times:

Morning camps: 12:00-12:15PM

Lunch: 1:00-1:15PM

Afternoon camps: 4:00-4:15PM

After-care: 5:00-5:15PM

Some of our teen campers walk to and from camp. If this is the case, they may check themselves in and out of camp before walking home. Please let me know via email if this is the case with your child.


Q: I registered my child for lunch and after-care, is food provided?

No, food is not provided during the lunch or after-care. You should send your child with a packed lunch and snacks for the day. There are some snacks available at the front desk for $1.

We also have two water fountains, if your child brings a reusable water bottle!


Q: My child has a medical or condition or has medications that they need, what do I do with those? 

There will be a standardized first-aid kit available in every classroom. We are also pleased to announce that the office staff and full-time instructors have been CPR certified as of May 2023. If your child has any additional medical concerns that you have not listed in your online waiver, please let us know before the start of camp so that we can make note of it.

If your child has medication that they require, please place the medications in a Ziplock plastic bag labeled with their name and camp, along with administration instructions for the medication, and give it to the office staff to keep on-hand.


Q: What should my child wear to camp?

We always recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty with paint, clay, glitter, flour, or any other number of art supplies or cooking supplies!


Q: When will my child’s ceramics pieces be done?

Your ceramics pieces will be fired and ready to be picked up 3-5 weeks after your camp is complete.  You will be notified via email by your instructor when your pieces are ready, and they will be packaged and placed on a shelf by the Bank Street door, across from the Sweetwater office.


Q: Can my child enroll in a camp that they are not the listed age range?

Sometimes! We leave this up to the individual instructor to make this discretion. You may email Meredith, the Education Manager, to inquire at


Q: What happens if my child misbehaves during summer camp?

Sweetwater expects children to be well-mannered, attentive, and respectful to others. The fun and safety of others will not be jeopardized by disruptive behavior. Sweetwater will be exercising a THREE-STRIKES RULE for summer camps for disruptive behavior. Three strikes will result in your child being removed from the classroom, and their authorized guardian to come and pick them up. Disruptive behavior can include but is not limited to: Disrespect to the instructor, staff, or other students, lack of participation, or physical or verbal altercations, damage of Sweetwater’s supplies or property.

You will be notified of any strikes that occur during summer camp. Incidents will be formaly discussed by the staff member who witnessed the incident, and the manager on duty.


Q: If I have any additional questions or concerns, who should I contact?

You are welcome to call our office at 412-741-4405. Our front desk assistant or education manager would be happy to answer any questions you have.

You may also email for any other questions or concerns that you have regarding summer camp.

Happy camping!