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Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley has a wide variation of culinary classes that include introductory cooking lessons, knife skills workshops, as well as ethnic cuisine, pastry and baking pizza making, farm-to-table cooking, and even date night classes!  

Each of the chef-led workshops offer professional culinary training from experienced professionals. Their experience provides customized and hands-on cooking courses, along with culinary techniques and methods from gourmet to artisanal cooking.  Expect to learn the art of plating and presentation, apply seasonal cooking methods which include date night features to international cuisine. Receive a professional culinary education without the traditional school program expense. 

Sweetwater also provides options for private parties, corporate events, networking opportunities, all to enhance team bonding and create a fun atmosphere.  Register for a Sweetwater Center for the Arts culinary class to experience our family friendly, community driven, and art-inspired programming. 

Want to earn free classes?

Volunteer to assist our culinary instructors in the kitchen during classes!  You can earn up to $10 an hour in Sweetwater Class Credits that can be redeemed for workshops and courses!  Please contact Meredith at for more information.