Our Mission

Sweetwater Center for the Arts is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. At Sweetwater, our mission is simple: to enrich the lives of children and adults in the community we serve by providing excellence in arts education and cultural programs.

Outreach Partners

Helping artists of all ages and backgrounds reach their full potential is central to our vision, and to this end, Sweetwater offers numerous programs for the region’s children, youth, and adults. We partner and collaborate with schools and other community organizations to provide affordable and accessible opportunities of the highest artistic quality. Most of our current outreach initiatives target underserved and at-risk youth, and we are working to expand our programming to meet the needs of our region’s aging populations. Sweetwater is proud to offer every student, regardless of age, who wishes to attend a class the opportunity to do so through our need-based scholarship program.

Current Partners

Sweetwater Supporters

Philanthropy plays a vital role in Sweetwater’s mission: To enrich the lives of both children and adults of all ages in the community by being a cornerstone for arts education and cultural programming. Sweetwater is sustained by the continued support of foundations, trusts, corporations, and individual donors. This support allows the Center to provide the highest quality classes, workshops, and events to anyone regardless of their age and financial situation. Sweetwater is passionate about ensuring its students, members, teaching artists, and outreach partners continue to learn, grow, and ultimately become more well-rounded human beings after experiencing a class, event, or exhibition.

Current Supporters

Self Portrait Community Arts Project

May Mart Festival

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Sewickley Harvest Festival

Beaver County Book Festival - Recycled Book Pumpkin Patch

Self Portrait Community Arts Project


When you or a family member is looking to take an art class, view an exhibition, or attend a cultural event, where do you turn? If you're like most in our community, you go to Sweetwater Center for the Arts.

$1,000 Sponsors an event.
$750 Covers building operational costs, upkeep, and preservation.
$500 Provides technology updates and improvements.
$400 Aids Outreach Programs for at-risk youth and underserved communities.
$250 Sponsors a teaching artist.
$100 Supports the purchases of ceramic studio glazes and supplies.
$50 Provides one art supply package for classes and workshops.

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