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Festival & Exhibition

Mavuno 2023 Festival and Exhibition will be a 2-day event starting on Friday, September 15th, with a program and opening reception in the community room at Sweetwater Center for the Arts, followed by a festival on Saturday, September 16th. Check back for more information in 2023!

Mavuno 2022 Festival and Exhibition

The Mavuno festival is one of four signature events hosted annually by Sweetwater. The festival celebrates Black, Indigenous, and People of Color artistry and culture, thanks to BIPOC artists and educators of the Sewickley community and beyond.

In 2022 Sweetwater Center for the Arts celebrated its 26th Anniversary.

Mavuno Curator, Steve Alexis, opened his exhibition Pit. Pip. Path. on Sept. 16th, an art exhibition celebrating black artists featuring Pittsburgh-based artists: Petra Floyd, Dominick McDuffie, Zeal Eva, and Darrin Milliner, including a special opening performance by the Sub-Verses-Social-Collective poetry group. “The story I’m trying to tell is pay attention to what these makers are saying, don’t just pay attention to what they look like,” Alexis said.

Barrel and Flow creator and TV host, Day Bracey, coordinated a vendor-based art and community festival at Riverfront Park in Sewickley on the 17th. The festival is always free to the public, and vendors who choose to participate receive 100% of their sales.

In coordination with the Sewickley Community Center, Sweetwater Center for the Arts produced a Black History Walking Tour that can be experienced by clicking the link below.

Black History Walking Tour