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Remix: The Art of Reuse

August 20, 2016 – September 16, 2016

Compression Trigger by Marchelle Simms
Compression Trigger by Marchelle Simms

In today’s culture of abundance we are plagued with left overs and waste. As a society we create more garbage than any generation before us. And the question nags, what shall we do with all that stuff? ReMIX is an exhibition of art made from all that stuff, highlighting national artists who create new works from items and materials that had a previous function. Their act of upcycling re-purposed materials is a kind of contemporary alchemy, finding a new vision for the discarded and creating a new life for the unwanted.

Anders Anderson, Scott Andresen, Justin Barfield, Carolyn Beahrs, David Hamlow, Andrea Henkels Heidinger, Gina Herrera, Carolyn Kohut, Jackie Kresak, Ryan Lewis, Natalie Petrosky, Stephanie Neary, Marchelle Simms, Brittni Stump, Gwen Waight, and Jason Woolslare

ReMIX is juried by Ron Copeland. Ron Copeland is a Pittsburgh based artist originally from Canton, OH. He considers himself a self-taught artist but his graphic design studies at Kent State are a clear influence on his work. He has become well known for radiant lamps made from recycled plexi-glass and assemblages constructed from discarded wood. His interests have focused on salvaging materials from abandoned spaces of the Rust Belt region. Taking fragments of what remains of houses or buildings he recreates the space of a life left behind. He has shown his work nationally and is represented by Borelli-Edwards Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA and Galerie F in Chicago, IL.