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Mountain Muse

June 23, 2018 – July 30, 2018

Any Day In June by Jeana Eve Klein
Any Day In June by Jeana Eve Klein

Curated by Alexandra Watrous.

There is a long history of creativity and craft making in the Appalachian Mountain region. Traditional crafts have thrived among its residents since the first settlements emerged. Today there are many artists living and working in the region who continue to use traditional processes and techniques but choose to create contemporary works that reflect current concepts and aesthetics. These works establish a dialog between the rich and heavy history of the media and object itself, with the concepts revealed through the works. Mountain Muse brings together contemporary works in traditional media by artists who reside in the Appalachian Mountain Region.

Artists include: Amanda Brazier, Susan L. Feller, Jeana Eve Klein, Sharon Massey, Eric Pardue, and Travis Townsend.

Sweetwater would like to thank The Pittsburgh Foundation for its generous support of the Mountain Muse exhibition and our 2018 gallery programming.