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Hand to Mouth

May 7, 2021 – June 12, 2021

Hand to Mouth Exhibition

The cup is the quintessential ceramic form. Potters throughout history have obsessed on the vessel shape, searching for their own perfect balance of beauty, function, concept, and expression. Contemporary ceramic artists have continued this exploration creating cups, mugs, tumblers, etc. that make their user think, feel, laugh, admire, and want to drink more!

Hand to Mouth is a national juried exhibition of finely crafted and artistic drinking vessels that showcases a variety of styles, techniques and firing methods used in contemporary ceramics. When focusing on an everyday object such as a cup, the artist’s hand and eye can elevate the most common and mundane routine of drinking into an uplifting experience. Join us to view the wide range of interpretations created to honor this simple, basic form.

Artists Include: Marcus A. Acevedo, Amanda Bacon, Jeff Brown, Audra Lynn Clayton, Rachel Consolazio, Christy Culp, Ashleigh Erickson, David Hill, Eric Hoefer, Alex Hoover, Giulia Longhi, Scott Lykens, Karen McKee, Becky Meneely, Taylor Mezo, Charlotte Middleton, Raquel Muslin, Alex Olson, Amy Schnitzer, Hanna Scrima, Nicole Serra, Melissa Sullivan, Caleb Sykora-Bodie, Be Rose, Jack K Rotar, Wesley Smith, Yi Xiong, and Kara Zuzu.