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Corners of Thought

March 29, 2018 – April 28, 2018

Curated by Alexandra Watrous.

As we consider our surroundings, our environment, space and relationships, so often there are many details that go unnoticed or misinterpreted. Our perceptions and thoughts deceive us constantly. The exhibition Corners of Thought asks artists to create site specific installations throughout our building that investigate our awareness of what is happening on the peripheral of our lives, and what determines if we notice, ignore, remember or forget.

Artists include Ron Copeland, Anna Mikolay, Meghan Olson, Katie Ott, Sarah Simmons, Brenda Stumpf, Derek Reese, and Lauren Valley.

Sweetwater would like to thank The Pittsburgh Foundation for its generous support of the Corners of Thought exhibition and our 2018 gallery programming.