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Sweetwater Center for the Arts Presents Original Work By Frank Dininno

Sewickley, PA, March 6, 2019, Sweetwater Center for the Arts presents 16 original Frank Dininno paintings and drawings from the collection of Luke Ward, a Sewickley community member and art collector. Mr. Ward acquired these works over many years and has held him in his personal collection until now. We are excited to offer our community the chance to view so many of Frank Dininno’s works together, as well as the chance to purchase these works and own a piece of Sewickley’s history.

Frank Dininno, who attended high school in Ambridge, was inspired to pursue his art by a teacher there who recognized his talent and took him to the 1930 Carnegie International. In 1939, he was awarded a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago. After two years, World War II disrupted his career as an artist; he enlisted in the Navy and spent the next four years as an aviation radioman. Returning to Ambridge after the war, he went to work for H. H. Robertson as a draftsman. In 1956, he married Helen Kruss, and in 1960 the couple moved with their family to Sewickley. Working by day to support his family, he spent all of his free time at his art and soon amassed an impressive body of work.

He was a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and received its Distinguished Painting Award in 1970. Among his many exhibits throughout the country, major one-man shows included two in 1980; at the Entrance Gallery, of The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, and at the Gillman Gallery, Chicago. His work is included in numerous corporate and private collections. He taught at Old Economy and at Sweetwater Center for the Arts (formerly Sweetwater Art Center).

From the time he began painting until he lost his eyesight in 1974, Dininno produced some 6,000 works – not only paintings, but also sculptures and prints. Although his work does not lend itself to an easy categorization, he has been described as a Surrealist-Symbolist. Hard, brilliant colors, strong outlines, a very personal imagery and a limited use of perspective characterize his canvases. He said, “I want the person to look into his own imagination and dream world. I want them to think about the symbols, and to keep asking why.”

The works will be on display in Sweetwater’s lobby through June 8th, 2019. All works are for sale. Please contact Alexandra Watrous at with inquires.

Published on March 6, 2019
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