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In the (Hot) Water November 2023

It’s time for our annual Hot Water and Holiday Market episode! Executive Christine Brondyke and Exhibition & Events Manager Liana Agnew try to not lose their cool while eating wings with fiery Mom Vomit. What’s new with Holiday Market this year? It will be an

In the Water October 2023

Executive Director Christine Brondyke in our exhibition space for this episode of In the Water. We are hosting our Mavuno exhibition In Life until October 27th. This exhibition is curated by Deavron Dailey and Janet Watkins. We have classes for all ages this October including

2023 Mavuno Curators

Meet your 2023 Mavuno Visual Art Curators, mixed media artist Deavron Dailey and ceramic artist Janet Watkins, studio mates at the Union Project. Deavron Dailey works in a variety of artistic media including screen printing, painting, ceramics, and more. He has completed close to 10