MAVUNO Festival of African American Arts & Culture

Each fall Sweetwater celebrates our MAVUNO Festival of African American Art & Culture. 2021 will be our 25th anniversary of MAVUNO! We are grateful to our community to have helped us keep this annual event thriving through the years. The festival includes events, classes and an exhibition in our gallery highlighting regional Black artists.

Details on this year’s MAVUNO celebration are coming soon.



When you or a family member is looking to take an art class, view an exhibition, or attend a cultural event, where do you turn? If you're like most in our community, you go to Sweetwater Center for the Arts.

$1,000 Sponsors an event.
$750 Covers building operational costs, upkeep, and preservation.
$500 Provides technology updates and improvements.
$400 Aids Outreach Programs for at-risk youth and underserved communities.
$250 Sponsors a teaching artist.
$100 Supports the purchases of ceramic studio glazes and supplies.
$50 Provides one art supply package for classes and workshops.

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