Ron Thurston

Artist statement
"Watercolor painting is an exploration of transparent spirit possibilities.
Some colors hide as a supporting role to others that glow as leaders. If we
are lucky these visual combinations of spirits, a little bit spontaneous
and a little bit planned will evoke a memory, even if just for a moment."

Ron Thurston is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and a past President of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society.  He is a founding member of Pittsburgh Under Water and a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.  Ron has a long career as a commercial artist, whether from design firms in the advertising market, or in the personal commission field where his reputation as one of the area's premier watercolor painters brings many buyers to his work.  Ron's favorite borrowed philosophy comes from the artist Henry Koerner: "If you do something with love, love looks back at you."  For ten years Ron was the President of Watercolors, an artist-owned gallery located in the heart of Pittsburgh's downtown cultural district.  He currently teaches watercolor workshops at Sweetwater and Touchstone. In 2016 Ron was invited to teach and demonstrate at the Florida Watercolor Society’s Annual Exhibition and Convention. He was also juror for their on-line:

Six American Watercolor Society International Exhibitions
Silver Medal, Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors
Eight Signature American Watermedia Exhibitions, Fallbrook Art Center
Keystone Award and Medal, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
Grumbacher Gold Medal, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society
Watercolor Artist Magazine Feature
Water Authority/Three Masters of Watercolor, an exhibition at Greensburg Art Center with Frank Webb and Bill Vrscak


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