Alexander Soukas

Master Artist Alexander Soukas will be leading a "Figure Painting: Light & Form" three day workshop at Sweetwater

Dates: June 13, 2019 - June 15, 2019
Level: Adult, 18 +

In this three day workshop, students will be introduced to a direct painting method for painting the human figure with gesture, rhythm, accuracy, and solid structural form that can be applied to short and long term paintings. Starting with short poses, students will learn how to draw on the canvas with their brush to capture the dynamic shapes of light and shadow. The next two days will be a long pose where students will learn to control paint application, values and limited color to model three dimensional form.

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Alexander's serious training in the fine arts began upon attending the Walnut Hill School for the arts, one of five high schools in the country dedicated to rigorous training in music, ballet, theatre, writing, and visual arts.

Unsatisfied with his studies, and desiring to pursue a career as an artist, he began homeschooling as a way of earning his diploma while undertaking an apprenticeship with realist figure painter Jason Polins. Soukas studied traditional painting and drawing in Boston with Polins for 4 years, where he now visits as a guest instructor at Polins' atelier, The Boston School of Painting.

After High school, Soukas studied with scholarship, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in a coordinated program with the University of Pennsylvania for a year before leaving to seek a more rigorous classical training at Studio Incamminati. while there, he worked for and studied under Nelson Shanks as one of his last apprentices.

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