COVID-19 Policies

Sweetwater Center for the Arts is open! Start registering for classes & workshops today! Our facility hours vary at this time - please contact us by email: or phone: 412-741-4405.

Sweetwater has instituted the following Health & Safety Practices as recommended from the CDC and in collaboration with local arts and culture organizations:

  • Until further notice, all staff, instructors, students and visitors must continue to wear a mask or face shield when inside the building regardless of vaccination status.
  • Promoting healthy hygiene practices such as hand washing.
  • Encourage social distancing through increased spacing, small groups, and limited mixing between groups, and staggered scheduling, arrival, and drop off
  • Where feasible, adjust activities and procedures to limit the sharing of items such as toys, belongings, supplies, and equipment
  • Trained all employees on health and safety protocols
  • We have posted signage in our classrooms, restrooms, and throughout the building to inform staff, instructors, students, parents/guardians about the SIGNS & SYMPTOMS of COVID-19.

Important policies to remember when coming to Sweetwater:

  1. WEAR A MASK. Staff, Teaching Artists, Students, and Visitors are required to wear a face-covering in the building.
  2. SICK = STAY HOME. We will be screening students and instructors as they enter the building (no-touch temperature reading, signs & symptoms, etc.)
  3. WASH/ SANITIZE HANDS. We will be providing hand sanitizing stations at convenient locations and encouraging everyone to wash hands frequently.Masks are required and will continue even for those who are vaccinated.

More Policies and Procedures

As we remain open, Sweetwater follows recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the PA Department of Health to ensure the health and safety of students, parents/guardians, instructors, staff, and guests. You may find links below to resources utilized to formulate the below policies and procedures. We will continue to monitor Covid-19 and update policies and procedures as needed. 

Sweetwater is committed to the following to minimize the risk of COVID-19:

  • Limiting the number of visitors in the building and controlling traffic flow.
    • Limiting interaction among instructors and students of other classes in hallways and restrooms.
    • We are reconfiguring the Community Room and Ceramics Studios to encourage social distancing, with individual workstations for each student, spaced 6 feet apart. We also scheduled outdoor and online classes.
    • Limiting non-essential visitors to the building.
    • Limiting direct contact between parents and staff members and adhering to social distancing recommendations of six feet during drop-off and pick-up times.
    • Requesting the use 1 of 2 entrances, based on the location of your class. Students will receive the location of their class by email prior to the first day of class.
        • Classes in the Community Room will enter the Bank St. entrance and proceed upstairs. They will exit through the 2nd floor doors to the parking lot.
        • Classes in the Ceramics Studio (Yellow Room) will enter the bank street entrance and proceed down the hall.  They will exit through the ceramics room door to the parking lot.
        • We strongly discourage the use of the Revolving Door on Broad Street however we will ensure all doors/entrances are disinfected after each camp begins.
  • Regularly disinfecting common touchpoints.
    • Staff will disinfect restrooms and classrooms between classes.
  • Providing hand sanitizing stations at convenient locations.
    •  There will be at least 10 foaming hand sanitizing dispensers placed throughout the building.
  • Providing masks to employees while on property.
    • Our staff and instructors will be wearing masks during the day at Sweetwater.
  • Providing gloves for employees to wear as needed – especially when working in common areas, cleaning/disinfecting, etc.
  • Screening employee health before each shift.
    • We will monitor staff health (no-touch temperature reading, signs & symptoms, etc.) each day as work begins and enforce strict prohibition of working in the building if any illness is suspected.
  • Screening students and instructors as they enter the building (no-touch temperature reading, signs & symptoms, etc.).
  • Ensuring a sufficient number of employees to perform all safety measures.
  • Ensuring a sufficient number of employees to control access and monitor social distancing.
  • Where feasible, supplies and materials will be provided in labeled bags/containers at the beginning of each camp; supplies will remain on-site in designated areas. Instructors will organize supplies and materials to minimize sharing between students and classes. When sharing may be necessary, supplies will be disinfected between use.
  • Posting signage in our classrooms, restrooms, and throughout the building to inform staff, instructors, students, parents/guardians about signs and symptoms of Covid-19.


We ask the visitors and students do their part to minimize the risk of COVID-19:

  • Each visitor must wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth.
    • Masks should not be placed on children under age 2.  Adults (staff, instructors, parents & guardians) and students are required to keep masks on throughout the day.
  • Please maintain at least six feet between your group members and others.
  • Please use hand sanitizer before and after class, and after using the restroom.
  • Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with hot water and soap after using the restroom.
  • Please avoid touching your face.
  • Please avoid touching other people.
  • Please register for classes and pay tuition online, in advance of your visit.
    • No one will be permitted in our Administrative Offices, except staff members.
    • If you need assistance with registration or have any questions, we encourage you to call in advance. If you must speak to someone, you may come to the office and a staff member will assist you with the glass window closed.
  • We encourage students to bring snacks and personal use beverage containers as we will not be selling food or drinks.


We are asking anyone to STAY AT HOME if you are feeling sick:

  • Staff, instructors, students, and parents/guardians who are sick or have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19 are not permitted in the building.
  • Staff, instructors, students, and parents/guardians who have tested positive for or are showing COVID-19 symptoms are not permitted in the building.



CDC Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps

CDC Readiness and Planning Tool to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Among Campers

CDC: Symptoms of Coronavirus 

CDC: “What to Do If You Are Sick”

CDC: “Public Health Guidance for Community Related Exposure”

PA Department of Health, “Wolf Administration Releases Summer Camp and Recreation Guidance” – May 22, 2020 

PA Department of Health, Summer Recreation, Camps and Pools Frequently Asked Questions 


Ceramics Studio Policies

Please announce to the room you are going to the sink before getting up.
Communication with your classmates is key to keeping social distancing.






When an item is ready to be fired place it on the appropriate shelf in the kiln room. DO NOT touch or move any other pieces on these shelves. 

The bottoms of your work must haveYour name AND your class code! 

  • We want to limit the use of communal shelves. PLEASE put your name and class code on the bottom of your pieces so the technician can put your fired items on YOUR PERSONAL shelf. 

As Always Please Keep the Studio Clean: 

  • Keeping the dust level down is important for everyone’s health who uses the studio. 
  • DO NOT sweep or use fans in the ceramic studio. 
  • Wipe down all surfaces with clean water and sponges, including wheels and splash pans. Do not use soap. 
  • Pick up any chunks of clay that are on the floor by hand. Do not sweep. 
  • Please mop up the area you used after you are finished.  
  • These steps will ensure a clean, dust reduced environment for all. 
  • Always use a clay trap sink to rinse tools, buckets, and splash pans.

Sweetwater tools and equipment: 

  • You may bring your own tools. 
  • You may still use Sweetwater’s tools. Wash your tools thoroughly after you are finished using them. The studio tools will be disinfected in between classes. 
  • If you use a rag that can be reused, keep it on your shelf until it is ready to be washed. All used rags should be put in a dirty rag bin. DO NOT rinse and hang rags to dry.  

Please clean up after yourself.  Stay safe for yourself and others! 

Gallery Reopening Policies

Sweetwater Gallery will implement the following Covid-19 safety plan to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of gallery guests and staff.

1. All visitors and staff are required to wear masks or face coverings while in our building, no matter of vaccination status.
2. Visitors should practice safe spacing of at least 3 feet.
3. Please be respectful of others to ensure all may view our exhibitions safely.
4. Please follow all of Sweetwater Center for the Art’s Safety procedures while in our building.


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