Holiday Mart Submission

Holiday Mart
November 28th – December 19th

Sweetwater’s annual Holiday Mart is a tradition in our community that we just can’t skip this year! After much consideration we are planning to present Holiday Mart online in 2020. There will be some adjustments to our usual policies, so even if you are a returning artist, please read all the information for this year below.

Holiday Mart 2020 will be online. We will also be preparing to create pop-up markets if the regulations at the time allow for in-person sales. (The status on the pop-up markets will not be decided on until late November.) The online sale will be three weeks long, from November 28th – December 19th.

Sweetwater will be creating an online store for Holiday Mart sales. Items will be delivered to Sweetwater and Sweetwater will manage the online store, handle all sales, shipping, and tax. Unsold items will be picked up at the end of the sale. Maximum number of items for each artist is 24. If an artist has multiples of an item that can be represented with the same image, additional of those items does not count toward the 24. For example, if an artist has an inventory of 5 of the same exact knit hats, those 5 hats would count as 1 item for the artist. Maximum number of multiples for one item is 24.

Artists set the retail price for each item. Sweetwater will retain 30% of retail sales and the artists will receive 70% of retail sales. Submission fee is non-refundable $25. Maximum price for any one item is $250. Maximum size for any one item is 12” x 12” x 12”.

Holiday Mart 2020 will be limited to artisan made items in these 6 categories:
Jewelry (examples: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.)
Wearable Art (examples: knitwear, crocheted and woven wear, other handmade clothing and accessories, etc.)
Ceramics (examples: handmade mugs, bowls, cups, etc. All items must be created from raw clay by the artist, no cast slipware with artist designs or illustrations.)
Gifts for the Home (examples: hostess gifts, candles, towels, cutting boards, aprons, non-holiday cards, etc.)
Holidays (examples: ornaments, holiday cards, holiday décor and decorations, menorah, etc.)
Art (paintings, prints, collage, 2D and 3D art works)

All artists must be juried in and apply through this call for artists page with photos of their work. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and artists will be notified within 10 days of their submission. The last day to submit an application is October 12th. Apply early!!

Complete the form below and upload 8-10 images of professional quality photographs of your work that are representative of the photos we will use for the online sale. We will be using square images for the site. The quality of the images will be a part of our decision process as Holiday Mart is online and these will represent the work to the customer. Look to our Holiday Mart event page graphic to see examples of professional quality object images.

Upon acceptance into Holiday Mart, participating artists will supply professional quality images in a square format of their items and completed inventory sheets by October 16th. Sweetwater will supply the artists with a preformatted inventory sheet to complete. We will be asking for the images to be square, 72dpi, and at least 1200 pixels.

**Sweetwater is offering a service of photographing items for participating Holiday Mart artists. This service is $240. The artists will receive all images. If an artist is interested in this service, requests must be made by October 1st. Items must be onsite at Sweetwater by October 5th. Contact to request this service.

Important Dates:
Last Day to Apply: October 12
Online Sale Dates: November 28 - December 19
Virtual Preview Party: November 27

Complete the form below and upload 8-10 images of professional quality of your work that are representative of the photos we will use for the online sale. You will be redirected to paypal to pay your submission fee upon clicking submit.


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