J. Christopher Landers

The society we live in today is constantly in a rush, with most not taking the time to stop and appreciate life. When we fail to pause and notice the seemingly insignificant details of the world around us, we are robbing ourselves of meaningful thoughts and introspections. It is my goal to help with this habit by introducing handmade objects into the rituals of daily life. Through my work, I hope that you will be able to touch, sense, and enjoy the everyday phenomena that we as a society so frequently overlook.

My journey began on my grandparent’s farm in Southern Maryland. It was there that I first remember taking notice of the intricacies of my environment. I paid careful attention to the workings of the nature surrounding me, as well as the minor, yet in my mind notably significant, details of that nature. It was this quest for beauty in the minuscule and unnoticed that causes me now to look to these shapes, and patterns in the world around me.

I find solace in my process, working hard to attempt a feeling of effortless existence in my pots. I work with purpose and rhythm to try and find that elusive balance that becomes perfectly imperfect. It is my sincere hope that by exposing the public to my visions of the simplistic and imperfect, I will encourage my observers to take some time out of their hectic routine to appreciate the beauty of the under-appreciated aspects of one’s daily life.

Landers participated in the Ash & Flash exhibition March 12 - 17, 2018.

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