Debbie Williamson

Math is a challenge for me, but the abstract values and expectations in math theory and law have my attention. No doubt, once we measure something or attempt to qualify it, it changes. Position and momentum are abstract, except at any given fraction of a second. And that’s gone before it’s realized. It's my desire to influence the way you relate to time and timing through an awareness of interaction. Interaction, even with something so familiar and common as a cup.

For me, working with clay offers opportunities to deliberately experience and exemplify the force of change in a process bound by rules, risks, and rewards. Most of what I make with clay is for every day use. Some forms are sculptural.

My husband, Scott, and I built a large three chamber wood kiln. We fire the kiln with a crew for several days at high temperatures. Predictability is minimal. We spend a week while the kiln cools, after the firing, anticipating the outcome of our collective, collaborative effort. Our mutual goal is individual works-of-art. There's always treasure. Every firing. Most often that treasure is in the form of valuable lessons. Even when the results are less than favorable, I am filled with a sense of excitement and discovery that I share, show, and tell. I photograph the process, the potters, and the pots. We are thrilled when someone picks up a cup and perceives a connection. Our story continues ... I’m grateful for the privilege to do something I love to do. And delighted that pottery is the reason our paths crossed.

Debbie participated in the Ash & Flash exhibition March 12 - 17, 2018.

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