Brenda Stumpf

The work of Brenda Stumpf invokes ancient and universal archetypes by way of myth and metaphor and often seems to be shrouded in secrets. From cryptic motifs in her works on paper to elaborate assemblages, the artist demonstrates a ceaseless intrigue for the mysterious, conjuring energies both enchanting and disturbing.

Self-taught, she is driven by an astute understanding of materiality through process. Stumpf works intuitively, rarely sketching or planning and chooses unorthodox materials in creating her work such as the paper from steeped tea bags, dresses, PVC shavings, wax, piano parts, plastic flowers, antler sheds, animal skulls, gourds, doll parts, engraved book covers, unraveled nylon rope and 100 year old scraped wallpaper.

Stumpf’s vast-ranging references have included Pandora, the Black Madonna, Seshat, victims of Jack the Ripper, the Crusades, alchemy, the music of Arvo Pärt and the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Brenda's work was part of Sweetwater's Corners of Thought exhibition in 2018, as well as the Compulsion exhibition in 2017.

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