The Master’s Series: Light and the Portrait with Christine Swann MS01

Dates: 09/10/2022 – 09/11/2022
Times: 9:30 AM - 4 PM (1 Saturday & Sunday)
Ages: 18+
Instructor: Christine Swann
Member Rate: 395
Non-Member Rate: 395
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The Master’s Series: Light and the Portrait with Christine Swann MS01

The Master’s Series: Light and the Portrait with Christine Swann MS01

This pastel workshop will be emphasizing how to make pastels work best for you. In this I will need you to bring three different "grades" of pastel. Don't panic! You are not expected to buy a ton and probably have all three types already. We will be working to "push" these differences (powers) against each other to create strong and subtle contrasts.

These are examples:

High Power
At least a small set of any one of these: Schminke, Great American or Sennelier. If they feel very soft, they typically will do.

Medium Power
These are your "staple sticks” - Unisons, Giraults, (my favorite and I highly recommend them if you need to purchase some.) Winsor Newton, Holbein, the Richeson (regular) brand, Terry Ludwigs, Diane Townsend or any old round Grumbachers.

Anything that is not a student grade will work. If the set just says "art chalks" on the box, then they are inferior quality and you will just be fighting with them.

Low Power
These are Nupastels, Rembrandts, Creatacolors, hand-made Richesons, old, square Grumbachers and any brand of pastel pencils. I recommend you bring as many pastel pencils as you can. If you have never used pastel pencils before, please buy a small set. It doesn't have to be a big set, but they are crucial to the drawing and layering stages of how we will be working. Derwent are the cheapest. I recommend the Carb-Othello or Giaconda brands. A 40-60 stick set will be sufficient.

**As long as you have a smattering of each of these ”powers,” then you will be good to go. If you have a complete set of something that is your favorite brand, and I haven’t mentioned them above, please bring them too!

If you have questions, email me at

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Surface- required-

2 sheets of 16 x 20" Sennelier La Carte "card" - a gritted surface in the "Sienna Brown" color.

You can get this surface from Dakota Pastel online.

Other supplies

- A board to work on for under the paper. The Sennelier LaCarte surface will need to be taped to a hard surface.

- Mirror

- Microfiber cloth or soft rags

- Brown pastel pencils and a bright, yellow pastel pencil- they come with most sets.

- If you are working on an easel, aluminum foil is handy to make a "trap" at the bottom to catch dust.

- Sketch book and pencil

- Gum eraser

- Walking shoes!

You may want to bring some current paintings. I would be happy to critique them - not to criticize, but to strengthen them!

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