“Plein Air” Watercolor Workshop with Barry Jeter PA07

Dates: 05/01/2021 – 05/02/2021
Times: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (1 Saturday & 1 Sunday)
Ages: Ages 18+
Instructor: Barry Jeter
Member Rate: 150
Non-Member Rate: 180
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“Plein Air” Watercolor Workshop with Barry Jeter PA07

“Plein Air” Watercolor Workshop with Barry Jeter PA07

Join master artist Barry Jeter in this two-day "plein air" workshop! Come celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and join old friends or new on a discovery of watercolor painting.

Barry will begin with a quick review of the basic principles he believes contribute to an accomplished painting:
1. Good composition
2. Strong use of values (lights and darks), and
3. Understanding how color changes the mood of a painting

These are important building blocks.

This workshop will take a unique approach to gathering images for our paintings....“semi-plein air”, if you will. After a quick morning brief, class participants will spend the first one to two hours on the surrounding streets of the quaint town, Sewickley, collecting images via phone cameras, i-pads, Kindles or just by the good ole way of a quick sketch. Barry will be available to help select possible subject matter, pointing out strengths and weaknesses of options. The images will be used on that day and the following day as well.

After a half hour lunch break at Sweetwater (there is a deli nearby or students may bring a lunch and store it in a fridge) students will pick out their best images to work from and then, sketching and painting will begin. Barry will be available for any and all questions regarding your painting while in progress, helping you get through that awkward “middle” phase of a painting with which so many artists struggle. Other questions regarding materials, different techniques, or what makes a “good” or “weak” painting will be welcome.

Barry will be available with one on one instruction and a quick demo or two that will reveal some of the techniques that he has employed to achieve the wonderful results he has enjoyed over his many years of painting.

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The following is a list of my preferred supplies and are by no means mandatory for the workshop but some, as you will see, I highly recommend. Please feel free to pick and choose any item you may find interesting or helpful to your way of painting.

Paints: All paints may be "student" grade for starting out but I would not buy off brand, cheap children's paints. This is what is generally on my palette: Yellow Ochre, Cad yellow Light, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Perylene Maroon (by Grumbacher Academy) in place of the popular Alizaron Crimson, which is classified as fugitive...turns blackish with age, Cadmium Red Light, Thalo Blue (on occasion.)

Paper: All my work is, generally done, on Strathmore Illustration Board (heavy weight, vellum surface). Students seem to have trouble finding it (cheapjoes.com usually has it but not always) so, with that in mind I recommend a watercolor paper of at least 140lb or heavier. Two to three sheets per day is sufficient.

Brushes: Should be at least synthetic quality, synthetic blended with natural hair brushes are nice and not too expensive....please avoid camel hair, they don't retain their shape very well.

1 inch flat for larger areas (can be synthetic or synthetic blended with natural).....#4 round.....#8 or #6 round....#4 or #6 natural bristle (hog hair) fan brush. (the stiffer the better) This brush is a real worker for me and is used in practically everyone of my paintings....very important. Do not purchase a synthetic hair fan brush....useless for our purposes..........#2 or #3 script or rigger brush (goes by either name sometimes) approx 1" long.

Misc. Supplies:
-Kneaded eraser
-Ladies hairspray misting bottle ....dump, rinse and fill with water. The plant sprayers and Windex type sprayer are much too coarse and of little use.
-Small, one or two inch synthetic or sea sponge
-Painting palette: Something similar to the Robert Wood palette, a larger palette with nice flat mixing area. Small round palettes with very little mixing area are troublesome.
-Plastic containers of some sort for your water.....two would be good.
-Pop up tissues!!!! this one is important, when you need it in a hurry, you don't want to be fumbling with a roll of paper towels.
-Sketch pad of some sort with a #2 leaded pencil .....cheap mechanical pencils work nicely

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