MASTERS: Figure Painting: Light & Form with Alexander Soukas MA01

Dates: 06/13/2019 – 06/15/2019
Times: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Ages: 18+
Instructor: Alexander Soukas
Member Rate: $325
Non-Member Rate: $325
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MASTERS: Figure Painting: Light & Form with Alexander Soukas MA01

In this three day workshop, students will be introduced to a direct painting method for painting the human figure with gesture, rhythm, accuracy, and solid structural form that can be applied to short and long term paintings. Starting with short poses, students will learn how to draw on the canvas with their brush to capture the dynamic shapes of light and shadow. The next two days will be a long pose where students will learn to control paint application, values and limited color to model three dimensional form.

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3, 16x20 canvasses (pre stretched cotton duct canvasses from michaels is fine)

2 bristle filberts size 4, 2 bristle filberts size 2. Soukas recommends silver brush, blick’s masterstroke series, or Princeton - most brands are fine, just err on the side of a longer tip.

Brush washing jar

Odorless mineral spirits,

Oil colors: burnt umber, Venetian red, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, black, and lead white (Cremnitz, flake, or silver white are all acceptable) Soukas prefers window Newton for most colors but doesn't have a preference what students use.

Paper towels (Soukas recommends the blue shop towels from Home Depot)

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