Master Series: “Drawing & Painting the Portrait” – Ned Mueller MA02

Dates: 07/09/2020 – 07/11/2020
Times: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Thursday-Saturday)
Ages: 18+
Instructor: Ned Mueller
Member Rate: $395
Non-Member Rate: $395
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Master Series: “Drawing & Painting the Portrait” – Ned Mueller MA02

Master Series: “Drawing & Painting the Portrait” – Ned Mueller MA02

A great portrait is usually a well structured, expressive work of art; full of character, volume and good design. This class will stress the learning process to achieve this goal; from basic proportions, structure and value relationships for the beginner, intermediate and advanced students may choose to work in color, but would encourage one to take at least first day or two of drawing and then to full color portraits with emphasis on enhancing values, color and design. We will do some value studies of a generic eye. nose, mouth and ear for a better understanding of their structure. We will talk as much about creating a work of art as making a good portrait. We will also talk about the process of learning to see, not to copy, but how to interpret. Good design is related to good drawing, and to me good drawing enhances good judgment and good taste; knowing what to put in, as well as what to leave out. Drawing and painting is the process of getting the simple underlying value and structure things right first. Looking beyond the detail. I encourage the students to loosen up, make mistakes, enjoy the process, have some fun and work hard. You will gain a lot of confidence that will translate into your other work. This class is open to all levels and each student will get a lot of attention at their own individual level. There will be several instructor demos during the workshop.

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For beginners and up to intermediate students this drawing or dry media workshop the supplies you need should be quite minimal for most of you.For those more advanced you can work in color at least the last day, but encourage you to draw for at least the first day You may work in Conte or Charcoal, but there are some stipulations on the kind of Conte and Charcoal, unless you have been working in them for awhile and have a pretty good grip on what you are doing. The Conte I would like you to have is the Bistre or Sanguine, preferably the Bistre as it is a nice rich dark brown and easy to manipulate. It usually comes in a plastic package of two at most Art supply stores...BUT you have to be careful as they are easily broken in those packages and so you need to check them to see if there are any hairline cracks where they are can usually tell by looking through the plastic. I will show you how to taper and sand them down at the workshop. So bring your Conte....hopefully you can get the Bistre...if only have black that will have to least four sticks worth (Bistre) and a bit of sandpaper and a kneaded eraser. If you have a mat knife bring it and if not you can use mine or someone else's . Get a pad of SMOOTH Newsprint...the 18" by 24" size. You can also use some regular white or bond type of paper..but keep it on the smooth side. For you Charcoal souls I prefer the compressed is about the same size as the conte and comes in different degrees of softness or hardness and try and get the softer ones as they are easier to work with. You might want to try some vine charcoal and there are larger and softer versions of the compressed charcoal. If that is too ambiguous, just try and get the smaller conte size compressed stick..but not the black conte is not so hot to work with! Buy a pad of 18" by 24" drawing paper or a smooth surfaced bond like paper. Also a kneaded eraser. It takes awhile to get use to a medium ( meaning Charcoal or Conte) and so it wouldn't hurt to mess around with them at home a little to see how it works for takes some time to figure their characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages! I will be doing a demo at least the first thing the first two mornings. Let me know if you have any questions. The total cost of your supplies with conte or charcoal, eraser and drawing paper should come to around $20 or less. Make sure you have a drawing board larger than your 18"x24" paper. You can save some money if you can cut your own from masonite or one ply plywood. also two metal clips to hold your pad and paper. I will have some extra conte, charcoal and paper if anyone has trouble getting what I am asking for, but please try and not rely on that as I have a limited supply. I will assume that the intermediate and advanced students are set with their supplies of oils, brushes and such that you are use too. I use a pretty traditional palette that I use for portraits, landscapes and everything else. Pretty much a warm and cool version of each primary color: Titanium White, lemon yellow, cad yellow lite, cad orange, cad red lite, allzarmin crimson, transparent brown oxide, chromium oxide green, viridian, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, Ivory black....I will add colors such as permanent rose, thalo green, etc as needed for the situation. I mostly paint on linen panels and use mostly bright style bristle brushes, from size two to 10. We will be working from models and at least one day from photos that I am bringing..if you prefer your own..that might work, but I will have to see them to make sure they have the shadow patterns and lighting to learn from..I have a great selection of photos people can work from. Bring a good sense of humor..not always that easy for us, but we will work hard...but try and have a good time doing it! Looking forward to seeing everybody!. All my best, Ned

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