Master Series: “Birds in Sculpture” – Sandy Scott MA03

Dates: 06/23/2020 – 06/25/2020
Times: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Tuesday-Thursday)
Ages: 18+
Instructor: Sandy Scott
Member Rate: $375
Non-Member Rate: $375
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Master Series: “Birds in Sculpture” – Sandy Scott MA03

Master Series: “Birds in Sculpture” – Sandy Scott MA03

The class begins with a discussion of bird anatomy, comparative anatomy, the principles of aerodynamics, the importance of drawing and assembling shapes, and how to achieve the illusion of movement in sculptures of birds in flight.

Students will learn how to construct an armature for blocking in birds in flight. Sandy will help students determine the difference between a sculpture that is technically adequate and one that has spirit and life. All aspects of modeling in oil-based clay will be explored and beginning students are welcome. Students will learn the importance of assembling strong, meaningful shapes and how eliminating unimportant details can create the bird’s essence.

Students will work from computer imagery, photography, drawings, field guides, and a printed workbook. Above all armature building, assembling reference for a specific species, aerodynamics, anatomy, and creating art is the focus. Sandy has instructed bird sculpture for over 35 years and is recognized as one of America’s leading wildlife artists.

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1. Clay – Chavant Le Beau Touche. Get the regular clay, not HM (high melt), 10-12 lbs.
2. Clay warming devises, a metal bucket with a clamp on heat lamp or 100 W bulb works great.
3. Favorite sculpture tools.
4. Wire cutters, needle nose pliers, and scissors.
5. Rubber mallet.
6. Small putty knife
7. Measuring devices such as ruler, measuring tape, dividers and calipers.
8. Bird field guides such as Peterson, Stokes, Golden or Sibley. Sibley’s Guide to Birds (not Sibley’s Guide to Bird Life and Behavior) is best if bringing only one field guide. This popular book can usually be purchased at any book store.
9. Bring your laptop to the class if possible. Sandy will show students how to access the vast range of birds in flight imagery available on the internet.

Sweetwater will supply:
tie wire
Aluminum foil
8” square wood with flange attached
Several lengths each of plumber's pipe, 1/2" threaded
Plumber's pipe T joint

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