Sweet Jazz Presents: Calle Bomba

Join us Friday, March 2 for a live performance with Calle Bomba featuring a festive and rhythmic performance of Puerto Rican Bomba music inspired by ‘rumbones’; spontaneous, community block parties! You won’t want to miss this fun and unique experience!

Open bar and hors d’oeuvres served at intermission. Get your tickets early and save!


Calle Bomba is a music ensemble of Puerto Rican locals. Bomba drummer, dancer, singer María Eugenia “Geña” Nieves Escoriaza, Bomba performer and dance instructor, Gloria Rodríguez-Ransom, and accompanied by some of the best percussionists from the Tri-State area. Calle Bomba is based on Puerto Rican Bomba ‘rumbones’ (unplanned, generous, block parties) that are spontaneous community generated celebrations that respond directly to community happenings, needs and values.  Puerto Rican Bomba is the principal musical genre deployed by island residents for the purpose of spontaneous, non-programmed, individual, and community expression.  The Puerto Rican Bomba rhythms, music, dance, lyrics and tradition emerged back in the 17th century from the synergy created by the coming together of Indigenous (Taino), African, and European cultures call-and-response musical forms and drumming patterns, but also incorporate aspects of Taino ‘areito’ (song/dance at a designated court). Performances and/or workshops will include interactive performance/instruction in the three, basic, Bomba skills: drumming, dancing, and lyric composing depending on the event and project.

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