Past Exhibitions


Familiar Spaces
August 12 – September 9, 2017
Artist Talk: Thursday, August 17th, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Reception: Saturday, September 9th, 6-8pm


Solo e
xhibition of work by Lauren Scavo. Lauren Scavo’s small-scale charcoal drawings examine the connection that exists between human consciousness and its surrounding environment, specifically the way in which our sensory experience of a place influences our subjective interpretation of it. Her work depicts scenes of heightened atmosphere that are indicative of a sense of reflection and quiet attention to the elements of the world that are both physical and nonphysical, as the external world reflects the internal life of the viewer. Through the contrast between her expressive mark-making and her straightforward depiction of the environment, she places emphasis on the tension between subjectivity and objectivity in our interaction with and interpretation of the external world.



Lauren is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Drawing/Painting and English at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN.  She was born and raised in the greater Pittsburgh area, and the local landscapes of Western Pennsylvania serve as inspiration for her work.





Turning Red
June 10 - July 29, 2017
Reception: Saturday, June 10, 6-8pm


Art, at least how we perceive and understand it in terms of modern and contemporary art history, is political. Even when the subject matter is not clearly related to politics, an artwork is reflective of the political context and climate in which it was created and therefore, it has been argued, is political. Going back to Modernism’s infancy, in 1857 the French painter Jean-Francois Millet, who is known for his scenes of rural life, painted his famous work The Gleaners. The work, which depicts low class workers hunched over already picked fields collecting what crop remains, made the upper class who viewed it uneasy due to its socialist nature and was considered a political statement.
The Dada art movement which started during World War I in Zurich, Switzerland was a direct response to the horrors of the war and challenged viewers to consider that if our western culture was perceived in progressive terms, where each achievement is built on the last and if the outcome was the Great War then western society itself was flawed and should be considered as such.
In the later half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, art with a political agenda has become commonplace. Cindy Sherman, Ana Mendieta, and Carolee Schneemann all challenge accepted norms of women in society. Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, and Sherrie Levine challenge our understanding of the influencing images of advertising and capitalism. Felix Gonzalez Torres, Kiki Smith and Robert Gober force us to consider our own bodies in terms of the physical, spiritual and political. And Kerry James Marshall, Mickalene Thomas, and Henry Taylor make works that consider African American culture through its own terms. 
Throughout art history artists have been commenting on their political realities intentionally and unintentionally. Our current political atmosphere in Pennsylvania, and in our nation, has fueled creativity and a need to make an intentional statement for many artists. When we asked Pennsylvania artists to submit works that were created in response to the 2016 election for this exhibition, we were clear in our desire to hear from artists with all political backgrounds and ideas. The work in the exhibition reflects the views represented in the entirety of the submissions we received. 
The range of topics referenced in the works is vast, including immigration, the migrant crisis, the border wall, guns, fake news, economic realities, Russia, and respectability of the office of the President to name a few. The works represent thoughtful reactions, some are subtle, while others are more obvious in their meaning. There is a wide range of media represented, showing the extraordinary ability artists have to interpret their ideas and feelings through their chosen material.
We are honored to offer a platform for artists to express themselves in relation to our current events and to present relevant exhibitions to our viewers. We hope for a dialogue to occur that opens a space for growth, understanding and empathy.     

Artists Included: Alan Byrne . James Biglan . Christopher Boring . Mathew Cote . Jon Hall . Gary Henzler Allen . Patricia Hill . Karen Krieger . Perry Melat . Heidi Monterrubio . Katie Ott . Tammy Schweinhagen . Miriam Scigliano . KLSees . Nikki Serra, Sarah Simmons . Melissa Sullivan . Shawn Watrous




Thrown & Altered
April 21 - May 26, 2017
Reception: Friday, April 21, 5-9pm

Since the 1950’s ceramic artists have been intentionally manipulating thrown work for reasons beyond 
the utility of adding a handle or pinching a spout. As mass production overwhelmed craft, the tradition of thrown functional pottery found new purpose in a conceptualized aesthetic approach to object making. Contemporary ceramicists now work with a built in tradition that includes an acute awareness of their material’s essence and potential. Through the practice of throwing then altering their work, artists continue to develop both formal aspects of the tradition, as well as further investigate experimental possibilities.

Allee Etheridge . Dino Capaldi . Scott Cornish . Sharon Gardner . Sarah German . Trevor John Herceg . Stephen Heywood . Sidra Kaluszka . Lola J. Logsdon . Karen McKee . Sandra Moore . Aysha Peltz . Shana Salaff . Zoey B. Scheler . Jonathan Schwarz . Nicole Serra . Earle Smith . Joan Ulrich


Thrown & Altered is juried by Shoji Satake. Shoji Satake, born in Kyoto, Japan and raised in Anchorage, Alaska received his BA in Studio Art and BA in Government from The College of William and Mary in 1996. He received his MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2004. Shoji currently resides in Morgantown, West Virginia with his artist wife Jennifer Allen. He is an assistant professor and ceramics area head at West Virginia University. Shoji has also taught at Indiana University, Hope College and at Central Michigan University.
Shoji has conducted workshops and exhibited nationally and internationally. Some of his most recent activities include the artist residency at the Robert M. MacNamara Foundation Westport, Maine, Summer Visiting Artist Workshop/lectures at Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute, Guangxi Art Academy in the People’s Republic of China. Recent exhibitions include solo, two-person, and multiple group shows throughout the US and China.




HOPE Lives On: Artwork from the Highmark Caring Place

Exhibition Dates: March 11 – April 8, 2017

Reception: Saturday, March 11, 5-7pm


This unique art exhibit will feature artwork from the Highmark Caring Place: A Center for Grieving Children, Adolescents, and Their Families.  When a child experiences the death of someone they love, the impact can be devastating and long lasting.  The Highmark Caring Place is committed to helping grieving children receive the support they need.  An essential community resource, the Caring Place offers services at no charge to grieving families throughout the community.  This show will feature the beautiful and inspirational Illuminating HOPE art installation – a gathering a more than 6000 butterflies on a lighted canvas; a beacon of Hope to children grieving the death of a loved one.  Through the power of artistic expression, the children of the Caring Place have created artwork representing both the pain of the loss and the Hope that lives on.  






National Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Abstraction
Exhibition Dates: January 21 – February 25, 2017

Artist Reception: Saturday, January 21, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Juried by Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, Co-owners and Curators of Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
The birth of Abstraction in art cannot be pinpointed to a single instance and really it is something that was born of the complexity and realities of the early modern western world.  During the last decade of the 19th century, the then budding artist Wassily Kandinsky saw an exhibition in Moscow of Monet’s haystack paintings. The color in the works seemed to dominate the image so much so that anything recognizable became lost to him. He wrote of the experience: Deep inside me was born the first faint doubt as to the importance of an “object” as a necessary element in painting. Abstraction has been a major language of artistic creation for over a century. It is as viable today as it was throughout the various 20th century art movements that investigated its possibilities. Indeed in 2013 Artnews published an Article by Art Historian Pepe Karmel titled The Golden Age of Abstraction: Right Now. Perhaps what drives artist’s compulsion to investigate further into the realm of abstraction is that any exact definition remains allusive. What we know is this abstraction may be response to or inspiration of something seen or experienced, it may be born of pure concept, it may be void of reference or association and be autonomous in its form and color. Always it seems deeply personal whether coming into existence through intellect or emotion.

Artists included: Angela Biederman, Meghan Baum, Sheila Grabarsky, Lindsey Hayakawa, Scott Hunter, Alejandro Loureiro Lorenzo, Heather Macali, Kim McAninch, Pricilla Roggenkamp and Keith McMahon, Sky Shineman, Sarah Simmons, Brenda Stumpf, Scott Turri, Tracy Wascom, Shawn Watrous, and Carolyn Wenning


Patterns of Injustice
Exhibition Dates: September 23 - November 4, 2016
Artist Reception: Friday, September 23rd, 5:00 - 9:00 pm

Patterns of Injustice was a multi-media exhibition organized and presented by the members of Women of Visions, Inc. in celebration of Women of Visions' 35th anniversary. The organization is a collective of African American female visual artists from the Pittsburgh region. In the exhibition themes of injustice and activism will be explored through various visual interpretations such as fiber, photography, painting, and clay. The exhibit will include a variety of artistic expressions to address the past and present disparities, injustices and societal ills that continue to impact communities locally, nationally, and globally. The art work is meant to question and respond to conflicts, but also to address ways to create healing through art. 


ReMIX: The Art Of Reuse
Exhibition Dates: August 20 - September 16, 2016
Artist Reception: Saturday, August 20th, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Closing Event: ReMIX Melee, Friday, September 16th, 7:00 - 10:00 pm


In today’s culture of abundance we are plagued with left overs and waste. As a society we create more garbage than any generation before us. And the question nags, what shall we do with all that stuff? ReMIX is an exhibition of art made from all that stuff, highlighting national artists who create new works from items and materials that had a previous function. Their act of upcycling re-purposed materials is a kind of contemporary alchemy, finding a new vision for the discarded and creating a new life for the unwanted.

Anders Anderson, Scott Andresen, Justin Barfield, Carolyn Beahrs, David Hamlow, Andrea Henkels Heidinger, Gina Herrera, Carolyn Kohut, Jackie Kresak, Ryan Lewis, Natalie Petrosky, Stephanie Neary, Marchelle Simms, Brittni Stump, Gwen Waight, and Jason Woolslare

ReMIX is juried by Ron Copeland. Ron Copeland is a Pittsburgh based artist originally from Canton, OH. He considers himself a self-taught artist but his graphic design studies at Kent State are a clear influence on his work. He has become well known for radiant lamps made from recycled plexi-glass and assemblages constructed from discarded wood. His interests have focused on salvaging materials from abandoned spaces of the Rust Belt region. Taking fragments of what remains of houses or buildings he recreates the space of a life left behind. He has shown his work nationally and is represented by Borelli-Edwards Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA and Galerie F in Chicago, IL. www.roncopeland.tumblr.com


Standing in No Place: A New Landscape of Motherhood
Exhibition Dates: June 18 - August 3, 2016
Reception: Saturday, June 18th, 6:00-8:00pm

Join us to explore the work of Martyna Matusiak as she navigates her roles as artist and mother. Combining drawing and printmaking to create large installations of small works, she uses repetition, variation and sequencing to blur the notion of stability and flux so as to highlight ways in which opposing sentiments can be experienced simultaneously. Her investigations seek to dispel the notion of polarities and question their opposition to one another.
Martyna Matusiak is an Assistant Professor of Art at West Liberty University in West Virginia. She was born and raised in Poland where she did her undergraduate studies and received a Master of Art degree. She earned her Master of Fine Art degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has shown her work extensively nationally and internationally, including France, Bulgaria, Hungary and China. Sweetwater is honored to present this solo exhibition by Martyna Matusiak. www.martynamatusiak.com


Interwoven States
Exhibition Dates: April 8 - June 10, 2016
Artist Reception: Friday, April 15th, 6:00-9:00pm

Fiber art practices have a regional historical significance within our local craft history. In today’s contemporary technologically fueled world, textile artists are finding new ways to work with traditional materials, creating a dialog with the past and reflecting the significance of contemporary culture on our lives today. This exhibition of contemporary fiber art showcases artists from Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

Artists Include: Alyse C. Bernstein, Tony Bible, Terry Boyd, Pam George Valone, Lisa M. Haabestad, Carolyn Kohut, Lauren Mangeri, Malgorzata Mosiek, Mike Nold, Meg Prall, Jane Ogren, Michael Radyk, Carly M. Reed, Louise Silk, Sarah Simmons.

Interwoven States is juried by Joanne Arnett. Joanne Arnett is a textile artist living in northern Ohio. She spent most of her creative career in Germany and California, working as an artist and photographer, as well as in the fashion industry. Her personal work combines the practices of photography and textiles into a single discipline and explores the dualities of transience and permanence, public and private, the mundane and the extraordinary. She has shown regionally and nationally. She is currently represented by Gallerie Noir in Texas. Joanne received her BFA from California Design College and her MFA from Kent State University. She is an assistant professor at Kent State University. www.joannearnett.net

Sweetwater’s Student/Instructor Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: March 4 - April 1, 2016

Sweetwater opened up it's gallery to showcase the rich talent of its students and its instructors. Sweetwater offers more than 500 classes annually, taught by artists and educators with outstanding qualifications, beginning at age 3 through adult in a variety of artistic media. All students and instructors from 2015 were invited to participate in this exhibition celebrating the creativity of Sweetwater’s students and instructors!


Poetic Logic: Collage and Assemblage
Exhibition Dates: January 16 - February 26, 2016
Reception:January 16, 7:00 - 9:00 PM 

In the early 20th century, with the advent of mass production of materials and media, artists like Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Kurt Schwitters began developing collage as a way of reappropriating and repurposing materials and images to imbue their works with juxtaposed information that expressed a kind of poetic logic of association.

In our current culture of mass information and media it is not surprising that artists are finding a continued purpose in investigating such relevant processes. This national juried exhibition will showcase artists working in collage, assemblage and other processes of incorporating elements of repurposed materials as a way of expressing our contemporary experience.

Artists Include: Erin Anfinson . Elizabeth Asche Douglas . Brad Bianchi . Joe Castro . Ron Copeland . Sharon Covington . Craig Deppen Auge . David Dumo . Jeff Falk . Lorraine Glessner . Leah Gose . Bethany Haeseler . Cheryl Hochberg . Sisavanh Houghton . Han Huisman Blythe King . Ray Klimek . Armin Muhsam . Clare Murray Adams . Ron Nigro . Laure-Helene Oakes-Caseau . Erwin "Tres" Roemer III . Nicole Schneider . Sarah Simmons . Stacie Speer Scott . Margaret Suchland . Grace Summanen . Will Ursprung . Gwen Waight . Michael Willett

Poetic Logic is juried by Shawn Watrous. Shawn Watrous is a painter and collage artist from San Francisco who currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. His work has been exhibited locally and nationally including shows at The Painting Center in NYC, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, and the Mattress Factory Museum, among others. Shawn received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and his MFA from Kent State University. He is an Adjunct Instructor at Penn State University teaching an art overview class that focuses on western art history. www.shawnwatrous.com 


Coding: We Are Always There
Exhibition of fiber art by Tina Williams Brewer, the Mavuno 2015 Artist-in-Residence

September 25 - November 6, 2015
Reception: Friday, September 25, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

We are the cosmic dust that carries DNA through time and space. This journey strives to enlighten the collective struggles with dignity and respect with images of African ancestral aesthetics.
As cited by Daniel Tesidor Parker in, Art of the African Diaspora, "We seek pride in heritage and a vision of prosperity for our people." * Artist Tina Williams Brewer seeks to illuminate the context of the African culture by gathering and manipulating historic images to create a story board of photographs with each quilt. The labyrinth she designs with photos and quilts gives the viewer an opportunity to stop, meditate, and decode the collage  of the symbols in each quilt.  
Williams Brewer combines her vision with photographs from oral historian, John Brewer, and world traveler, Bill Double. This artistic approach gives the viewer an opportunity to decode and unlock the seeds of greatness by changing the frequency of contemporary imagery.  Lift the cosmic dust and let the change begin.  
(*Inspiration from Dr. Margaret Taylor Gross Burroughs)


A Journey Through Grief: Artwork by the Children of the Highmark Caring Place
August 22nd - September 18th, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 22nd, 5:00 - 7:00pm 
Closing Reception: Friday, September 18th, 6:00 - 9:00pm 
The closing reception coincides with The Sewickley Fall Gallery Walk  

This unique art exhibit will feature artwork made by the children of the Highmark Caring Place. When a child experiences the death of someone they love, the impact can be devastating and long lasting. The Caring Place is committed to helping grieving children receive the support they need. An essential community resource, The Caring Place offers services at no charge to grieving families throughout the community. Children at The Caring Place use art as a natural means of expression. Through their artwork, they are able to express their feelings, share the stories of their losses, and preserve memories. Viewers can expect to me moved and inspired as they are offered a glimpse into the grief journeys of children who have lost a loved one.


Sips, Shots & Gulps
June 20th - August 8th, 2015
Reception: Saturday, June 20th, 7:00 - 9:00pm

This exhibition of finely crafted and artistic drinking vessels showcases a variety of styles, techniques and firing methods used in contemporary ceramics. When focusing on an everyday object such as a cup, an artist’s hand and eye can elevate even the most common, necessary and mundane routine of drinking into an uplifting experience.

Vessels by: Charlie Alessi . Mariana Baquero . Seth Charles . Christy Culp . Myka Hayden . Kyle Hendrix . Leslie Hinton . Molly Johnson . Madeline Klusmire . Lucien M. Koonce . Gretchen Kriner . Cassandra Loos . Carolyn Mimbs . Abbie Nelson . Maryann Parker . Caitlin Ross . Lindsey Scherloum . Ian Shelly . Molly Uravitch . Dallas Wooten . Lisa York

Shaping New Worlds
A National Exhibition of Constructed Photography
April 10th - June 13th, 2015
Reception: Friday, April 10th, 6:00-9:00pm.
Reception held in conjunction with the Sewickley Spring Gallery and Art Walk

Featured works by: Lauren Braun . Zel Brook . Nicole Crock . Morgan Ford Willingham . Alexa Frangos . April Friges . Dana Ingham . Jessica Labatte . Paxton Maroney . Barbara Milot . Sandra Moore . Anne Roecklein . Katie St. Clair

So often we look at a photograph and assume it to be a record of a time and place of what really happened. We believe that the artist's eye is used to crop and capture the perfect composition of what is in front of them. What happens when what the photographer wants to capture does not actually exist? In this exhibition of constructed photography the artists are looking beyond documentation to create their own imagined realities. By altering and constructing images they are able focus on concept or build their own narrative. Using a variety of techniques including handmade montage and collage, alteration or manipulation of real scenes, darkroom or computer manipulation, and constructed tableaux or dioramas that are then photographed, these artists represent an exciting aspect of contemporary photography.

This exhibition is juried by Lori Kella. Lori is an artist living in Cleveland, OH who herself constructs dioramas in her studio that she then photographs. Her work has been exhibited at Gallery Drei, in Dresden, Germany, The Print Center in Philadelphia, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Texas State University, and William Busta Gallery in Cleveland, OH, including solo exhibitions at MOCA Cleveland and the College of Wooster Art Museum. She earned her BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art and her MFA from Cornell University. Lori has received three OAC Individual Fellowships Awards, and recently received a Creative Workforce Fellowship, from the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture & Cuyahoga Arts and Culture. She is a part-time Assistant Professor at Kent State University's School of Art.

Selections From The Elgin Park Series
Photographs by Michael Paul Smith
April 10th - June 13th, 2015
Reception:  Friday, April 10th, 6:00-9:00pm.
Reception held in conjunction with the Sewickley Spring Gallery and Art Walk

What started as an exercise in model-making and photography, Michael Paul Smith's art became a dreamlike reconstruction of the town the artist grew up in, Sewickley, PA. Smith's photographs not only capture the character and mood of his memories, but also the essence of mid-century Small Town, USA.

West Hills Art League Exhibition
Saturday, January 24 - Thursday, March 26, 2015
Reception: Saturday, January 24, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

WEST HILLS ART LEAGUE is a collective group of artists, both seasoned and professional, who are passionate about art. Our league draws artists residing in the westernmost area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Members share their artistic skills and experiences with fellow artists through social interactions and grow more artistically by exploring new mediums through demonstrations, lectures, and guest lecturers at our monthly meetings.

Because WHAL members' choice of medium is varied, our creative expression is diverse. Here you'll find a sampling of the wide array of our artistic styles ranging from traditional watercolors and oil paintings to acrylics, pastels, clay, paper and so much more. 

Connected at the Roots: An African American Art Exhibition
Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 12 - November 2, 2014
Reception: September 12, 2014, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
*The reception coincides with the Sewickley Fall Gallery & Art Walk

Roots are the foundation of African American culture. They provide the commonalities that help us grow from genera¬tion to generation and are the links that bind us together as one community. This exhibition tells the individual stories of how roots and heritage have given meaning to the artist's lives.

This exhibition is juried by LaVerne Kemp, an award-winning, Pittsburgh native, widely acclaimed for her work in fiber arts, weaving, and jewelry design. Kemp graduated with a BFA from California University of PA, and studied graduate work in child development from the University of Pittsburgh. Currently she is an active teaching artist for both the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. She serves as the president of Women of Visions, Inc., a group devoted to the promotion and Women of Visions, Inc., a group devoted to the promotion and appreciation of artwork by African American women.


ARTIST INTERRUPTED: The Art of Tess Senay (b.1992 - d. 2012)
June 28-August 2, 2014
Reception: June 28, 2014, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

This exhibition features the original artwork of the late Tess Senay Raynovich, a beautiful and generous soul, determined to create art and a life that would be meaningful and authentic. Tess Senay walked the walk of love, compassion and truth though her art, her words and her actions. Her timeline of works as an emerging artist featured in this exhibition reveal her exploration of media, meaning and humor. The next step on her path was to be Eco-Artist. Although unfulfilled, a fund has been established in her
name to support artists and eco-arts. To learn more about the Tess Senay Raynovich Art and Earth Fund, please visit: www.tesssenay.com


Wild Things
April 4-June 21, 2014 
Reception: April 4, 6:00-9:00 p.m. 
*The reception coincides with Wild Things Public Art Installation, Art Blooms and Sewickley's Spring Gallery Walk

Wild creatures. Wild urges. Wild colors. Wild movement. Wild Things cannot be controlled. Each exists under its own set of rules. They are barbarous, unrestrained entities that upset their surroundings. The art barely contained in the exhibition will capture your imagination and demand voice. The exhibition includes untamable 2D, 3D and kinetic artworks with unusual musicians and performance art at the opening reception.

Wild Things is juried by Cynthia Shaffer, a mixed media artist favoring bugs, bones and sea creatures to traditional art materials.


POP EXPLOSION: The Artist and Popular Culture
January 18 - March 29, 2014
Reception: January 18, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Fine art often references popular culture: mass media created by shared trends in music, film, fashion, celebrities, consumerism and advertising. Sweetwater Center for the Arts is presenting POP EXPLOSION: the Artist and Popular Culture, featuring the impact of popular culture and how artists are accessing it to inform their work.

With the technological developments of the 21st century, popular trends have boomed, leaving the art world with a much broader sense of what this ethos is in the contemporary moment. Tools that, in the past, have been used exclusively by the artist are now more readily available to everyone. The Internet, social media, up-and-coming apps, smart phones, and tablets are all channels that provide world access to popular culture and creativity. Contemporary artists who capture their source material directly from popular culture continue to explore exactly how "the now" becomes "the iconic."

This exhibition is juried by Nicholas Chambers, The Milton Fine Curator of Art at The Andy Warhol Museum, and Robert Beckman, Director at Artists Image Resource.



Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 13 - November 2, 2013
Reception: Friday, September 13, 2013, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
*The reception coincides with the Sewickley Fall Gallery Walk


Celebrate the rich history of Pittsburgh's Hill District with Sweetwater's Artist in Residence, Leslie Ansley. Oasis pays tribute to the Hill District's "heyday" and Harlem Renaissance which changed the course of art in our area and around the world. Highlighting the works of iconic cultural influences like Teenie Harris, August Wilson and Dizzy Gillespie, Ansley presents a glimpse into our artistic and influential past. Ansley's original paintings were created to honor the revival of the Hill District and are displayed as part of the partnership with the Hill House Association and the new SHOP n' SAVE grocery store. The reception is free and open to the public and includes complimentary wine, refreshments and light hors d'oeuvres. 


Pittsburgh Tattoo Works III
June 7 - July 18, 2013
Reception: Saturday, June 8, 8:00-10:30p.m.

Back by popular demand, Sweetwater is proud to present a third installment of the Pittsburgh Tattoo Works! Juried by Timothy Azinger from Pinnacle Tattoo (http://www.pinnacletattoo.com), the exhibition will feature new and innovative artwork from local tattoo artists that will include sculpture, oil paintings, sketches, drawings, and more. Images of body art will also be on display throughout the exhibition.  We will feature a “live exhibition” of body work these artists have created during the Artist Reception on June 8th. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Join Timothy Azinger, juror of this exhibition, Pittsburgh Tattoo Works III, for an open discussion and Q&A session on Friday, July 12, 2013, 6:30-8:30 p.m. If you are curious about tattooing and the tattoo process, the history of tattoos, and the current trends in tattooing and tattoo art, please bring your questions and join the discussion with the juror.

Sweetwater would like to thank Littell Steel Company/Thaw Family, Sweetwater’s Board of Directors, Sidelines Beer House, Aliquippa Beer Distributor and Lula for sponsoring Sweetwater’s Pittsburgh Tattoo Works III.


Lost and Found: Sustainable High Fashion
May 4 - May 31, 2013
Reception: Saturday, May 4, 7:00-9:00p.m.

Lost and Found: Sustainable High Fashion showcases high caliber fashion designers as they discover the potential of reclaimed material.  Becoming eco-friendly and living a sustainable lifestyle is the growing trend of the century.  This exhibition features contemporary fashions created with repurposed and upcycled elements.  Artists inject re-newed life into recycled materials to defy the traditional means of fashion.

This exhibition is juried by LaMont Jones, Jr.  Jones is one of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s most influential voices on matters of fashion and style.  As an award-winning fashion editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for a decade, his writings reached hundreds of thousands of readers across the region and beyond. From 2006 through 2008, he served as a nominator and judge for the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards. He helped create Pittsburgh Fashion Week and in 2011 was inducted into the Pittsburgh Fashion Hall of Fame.

Sweetwater would like to thank Heritage Valley Health System, Lowry’s Western Shop, and Lula for sponsoring Lost and Found: Sustainable High Fashion exhibition.


Small Shrines
April 5-27, 2013
Reception: Friday, April 26, 2013, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
*The reception coincides with Art Blooms and the Spring Gallery Walk

From the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the Shinto Shrines of Japan, shrines have been used throughout history as icons, relics, focal points of awe and respect to be venerated or worshiped. They are found in churches, homes, cemeteries and temples. Some are temporary, portable or even miniature, and some are laden with decoration, finely crafted and grandiose. This juried exhibition will feature two-dimensional and three-dimensional works made in honor, dedication or celebration of an individual, a group of people, a place, a thing or an idea.

This exhibition is juried by Natalie Grandinetti and Staci Offutt. Offutt completed her Master of Fine Arts at Parsons and Bachelor at West Virginia University. Grandinetti obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Penn State University. Both Grandinetti and Offutt are engaged in the Pittsburgh art scene, participating in community art projects and gallery exhibitions, teaching multidisciplinary art classes, and maintaining active studio practices.


Iceland: A Photographic Paradise
April 5 - 27, 2013
Reception: Friday, April 26, 6:00-9:00p.m.

Iceland: A Photographic Paradise presents Bill Feduska’s varied photographic techniques that encapsulate the geography of Iceland.  This exhibition will line Sweetwater’s lobby hallways to invite you into a panoramic view of Iceland’s breathtaking landscape. Feduska has studied under Sweetwater’s Photography Instructor, David Cooper, for the past five years. 


Sweetwater’s Annual Student & Instructor Exhibition
March 1-29, 2013

Each year, Sweetwater reserves its gallery to showcase the rich talent of its students and its instructors. Sweetwater offers more than 500 classes annually, taught by artists and educators with outstanding qualifications, beginning at age 3 through adult in a variety of artistic media. All students and instructors from 2012 are invited to participate in this exhibition. Please join us as we celebrate the creativity of Sweetwater’s students and instructors!


Here & Now / Architecture Transformed 
January 18- February 23, 2013
*The reception coincides with Westman's solo exhibition.

This solo exhibition features the artwork of Barbara Westman, juror of Here & Now:

"My work in both areas, printmaking and fiber art, reflects my interest in the natural and man-made worlds. The richness of textures, structures and forms in our environment inspires me. I look for the beauty in microscopic details or in a large architectural structure. My methodology is consistent: I look, analyze, deconstruct, build and assemble my vision. Materials and techniques are similar in all my work, but there is a new view of my experience in each piece. My works are mostly monochromatic or achromatic to maintain the simplicity and to focus on composition and textures. By continuing work on a series, I create a representation of my observations and recollections. I analyze while searching for answers on the coexistence of two worlds: natural and man-made".



First Fruit XVI: Tending Our Mothers' Gardens
Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 21 - November 2, 2012


"Our Mothers' Gardens" is the title essay of a 1983 book by Alice Walker that also contains 35 other pieces that introduce her "Womanist" aesthetic.  Now, nearly 30 years later, black women in the arts continue in that vein.  "Our Mothers' Gardens" may be understood as a metaphor for the community of creativity that nourishes African American culture. In the longstanding African tradition of "taking a village to raise a child," generations of African American women artists have remained sensitive to their responsibility to tend the garden that will ensure their cultural survival.

This exhibition will present works by several African American women artists that demonstrate their awareness that they are the inheritors of a distinctive heritage and who are motivated to "pay it forward" in their artistic handiwork and ongoing engagement with their constituent communities. Much of the work will be of the installation genre, intended to make Sweetwater's Balcony Gallery a transformational experience for visitors. Featured artists include: Ann Tanksley, LaVerne Kemp, Charlotte Ka, Christine Bethea, Tina Brewer and Leslie Ansley.

The exhibition is curated by Elizabeth Asche Douglas, B.F.A., Painting & Design, Carnegie Mellon University; M.A., Art History & Criticism, University of Pittsburgh; additional study, University of Pennsylvania.


In the Belly of the Beast
June 30- July 28, 2012

The raw force of nature unleashed. The soul of a beast exposed. The sheer power of entities not made by man that humble humanity into feeling small. This exhibit will reveal the essence of the organic: plants, animals, water, earth, sky, fire. Not in the safe, controllable way people see them, but instead showing the dynamic strength and ungovernable temperament that they truly possess. Selected art will focus on Mother Earth in an unaccustomed way. Work may also express the contradiction of what is man-made versus wild.

This exhibition is juried by Cynthia Shaffer, who built her art career in New York, Chicago and Phoenix before moving to Pittsburgh in 1990. She currently divides her time between henna tattooing, teaching art, taking photographs of animals at the Butler County Humane Society, volunteering at the ARL Wildlife Center, and working on her own art. Using bones, dead bugs, stones, feathers and other natural elements, Shaffer creates intricate patterns and mandala designs that juxtapose these components. Her objective is to show the beauty in things most people find repellent. "The color of a Japanese beetle is more exquisite than I can paint. The curve of a pelvic bone is more graceful than I can design. It fascinates me."

The opening reception of In the Belly of the Beast will be attended by Pennsylvania creatures saved by the Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, with photographs and information about their organization.



   Life As An Artist
May. 01 - 11, 2012

Quaker Valley 8th grade students experience what life as a professional artist is like by planning this show of their work.

  Student Art Competition
May. 18 - Jun. 15, 2012

This sixth annual judged art competition is a chance for the community to enjoy the impressive talent of students from Sewickley area schools spanning kindergarten through high school.  In each age group (kindergarten through 2nd grade; 3rd - 5th grade; 6th - 8th grade; 9th - 12th grade), Sweetwater will award one best in show prize and two honorable mention prizes.  This competition is judged by a professional artist from the Pittsburgh area. Please join us as we celebrate the wonderful talent in our local community!

Thanks to Sweetwater's Board of Director's for sponsoring Youth Art Month!


April 27-28, 2012

Village Garden Club will hold an In-Club Flower Show, entitled Trees, in celebration of Arbor Day. Club members will have entries in flower arranging, horticulture, and photography. There will also be a display of club conservation projects. A wine and hors d'oeuvres reception will be held on Friday, April 27th from 6:00-9:00p.m. Hours on Saturday, April 28th are from 11:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.


In Memoriam: Paintings by Carolyn L. Coyle                
April 3-28, 2012


This exhibition features the paintings of the late Carolyn L. Coyle, a well known and loved local artist of Sewickley. A graduate of Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University), Carolyn was a professionally accomplished painter, specializing in non-objective art, and a long-term member of the Association Artists of Pittsburgh. She was also a member of the Pittsburgh Group, and several other local art leagues. She continued painting and showing well into her nineties, a testimony to her compulsion to explore her vision, often reflected in the natural world. Her paintings are in national and private collections.


Sweetwater's Annual Student & Instructor Exhibition
March 2-30, 2012

Each year, Sweetwater reserves its gallery to showcase the rich talent of its students and its instructors.  Sweetwater offers more than 500 classes annually, taught by artists and educators with outstanding qualifications, beginning at age 3-adult in a variety of artistic media. All students and instructors from 2011 are invited to participate in this exhibition. Please join us as we celebrate the creativity of Sweetwater's students & instructors!


An Object in Motion
February 4 - 25, 2012

Wood grain has a depth and warmth that is very engaging.  Used in combination with paint or other materials, the contrast can be dynamic. This exhibition, juried by Brian Ferrell, features work created with wood where shape, material, and surface texture imply compositional movement. 

Brian Ferrell is a Southwestern Pennsylvania artist who creates sculpture in functional forms, designing one-of-a-kind furniture and custom tableware. Since 2000, his work has been regularly exhibited in group and solo exhibits on a national level, published in "500 Tables" and "Pewter Studio" by Lark Books, and purchased by private collectors in the US and Europe. In the summer of 2008 he was honored with a solo exhibition at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and in 2010 received a full page review in American Craft magazine for his exhibition at the Appalachian Center for Craft (Smithville, TN). Ferrell currently lives and maintains an active studio in Greensburg, PA where he is also Assistant Professor of Art at Seton Hill University. He holds a BFA in jewelry/metals from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and an MFA in Metals from the Program in Artisanry at University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth.


September 30 – October 28, 2011

September 2011-September 2012 marks artist Romare Bearden’s centennial year. During his time he achieved recognition for his complex semiabstract collages of photographs and painted paper on canvas. The narrative structure of his work depicts African American culture, including ritual, music, and family as his predominant themes. By the 1960s Bearden was recognized as the preeminent collagist in the U.S. He is regarded as one of the most important American artists of the 20th century.  Romare Bearden spent some time in Pittsburgh and went to high school at Peabody.  A large part of his work was inspired by his time in Pittsburgh.  Bearden also had a reputation and several endeavors to inspire and promote other African American and younger artists, namely The Studio Museum of Harlem and Cinque Gallery, both in New York City. 

The show is titled Stacks based on Bearden’s reflections on the influence the smokestacks of Pittsburgh had on his work.  Thinking about the idea of stacks as layers, Bearden created work in a collage aesthetic and used color and space all in stacks.  Stacks also refers to artistic influence.  As artists we stack ideas, techniques and environments.  One artist influences another in stacks.  Artists including Christiane Leach, Staycee Pearl, Blaine Siegel, and Brett Wormsley share their Bearden inspirations in various ways in this exhibition.  Stacks is curated by Alisha Wormsley, a resident and teaching artist for many cultural institutions including The Romare Bearden Foundation.

My Place
September 2-23, 2011

This exhibition will present a variety of interpretations of what “My Place” may be and may mean to the artists. This could be simply the immediate environment where they live, country or city; something more intimate as their home or the identity of space, whether real or just imaginary. The artwork may also focus on expressing feelings and emotions the artist may have towards this “place.” Where am I now? What place am I longing for? In that place, will I find comfort? The artists will give the viewer an opportunity to see through their work the way that they “see” their place. This exhibition is juried by Barbara Westman.

Westman has been a resident of Pennsylvania since 2002 when she moved from Poland. She obtained her dual MFA in Fiber Art and Printmaking at The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland. Since her arrival to the US she has been dividing her time between teaching and working on her own art. She evenly enjoys fiber art and printmaking. Westman’s interests are in textures and structures, whether natural or man-made. Her observation and interpretation of both is presented in her prints and fiber art works. Currently Barbara Westman is an Assistant Professor of Fiber Art and Printmaking at Slippery Rock University. Over the years she participated in numerous national and international art exhibits.


Pittsburgh Tattoo Works II
June 18-July 8, 2011

Back by popular demand, Sweetwater is proud to present a second Pittsburgh Tattoo Works! Juried by Don McDonald from Bodyworks Tattoo Studio (www.bodyworks-tattoo.com), the exhibition will feature new and innovative artwork from local tattoo artists that will include sculputure, oil paintings, sketches, drawings, and more. Images of body art will also be on display throughout the exhibition. NEW this year at the reception on June 18th, we will feature a "live exhibition" of body work these artists have created. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Click here to view photo's from the Pittsburgh Tattoo Works II opening reception!



   Life As An Artist
May 2-5, 2011

Quaker Valley 8th grade students experience what life as a professional artist is like by planning this show of their work.

   Sewickley Community Juried Student Art Show
May 13- 20

This fifth annual exhibition is a chance for the community to enjoy the impressive talent of students from local Sewickley schools.

Thanks to Sweetwater's Board of Director's for sponsoring Youth Art Month!


REMNANTS Revisited
April 11-29

This exhibition is an encore presentation of selected pieces from Joyce Werwie Perry's solo exhibition at The Westmoreland Museum of American Art in the fall of 2010. Images from the past collected from personal family albums are expressed through the use of oils with knives and in other cases, encaustic wax. The viewer is prompted to feel the value of the individual and to contemplate the mystery of his/her own inner spirit as well as that of others who have come and gone. The purpose of Joyce's work is to give testimony to the mark of the human soul.
You can contact Joyce and see more of her work at le Poire Fine Art Studio, 11 E Crafton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, 412-921-0912, www.le-poire.com.
The reception coincides with the Sewickley Spring Gallery Walk and Art Blooms.
Reception: Friday, April 29, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Sweetwater Center for the Arts


Student/Instructor Exhibition
March 4-March 25, 2011

A showcase of the rich talents of Sweetwater's students and instructors.


Who Me? Exhibition juried by Joyce Werwie Perry
February 5- February 26, 2011

This exhibition asks us to consider what art reveals about you as a person, or what kind of habits, struggles, joys, patterns, quirks or obsessions you have discovered in making art. In this self-portrait exhibition, artists were asked to enter works that are either a physical representation of themselves or any subject that strongly represents a dominant aspect of their personality.  It is a chance for the artists to look inward, and possibly discover something new about themselves and give the viewer some insight into who they are.


Traveling Creatures: A Painting Exhibition by Tara Zalewsky-Nease
January 7-February 28, 2011

Traveling Creatures is a series of oil paintings based on the experiences of traveling and being a stranger
in a place. The paintings feature the apparition of a strange mitt like creature posing in front of an exotic background. These creatures are based on textile sculptures that the artist created by embroidering oven mitts into fish-like puppets. The puppets were then Photoshopped into snapshots from the artist's travels to Venice and Paris. The creatures were added to the paintings in response to the artist's question of "can anything new really be done in a place where so much art has been done there before?"
Gallery -30-


West Hills Art League Presents: The Eclectic Works
October 15 - November 12, 2010

A wonderful blend of eclectic artwork ranging from beginner to professional and encompassing all media. Beautiful & serene, exciting & energizing, traditional & contemporary, photo-realistic & abstract, landscapes, still-life & portraits, the artists of West Hills Art League presents, The Eclectic Works!



First Fruit XIV: Come Celebrate with Me: A celebration of life, triumph, soul and creativity!
Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 10 - October 9, 2010
*Featuring live music by DJ Soy Sos


This is MAVUNO's 14th annual exhibition, featuring artwork created by emerging and accomplished African American artists and artists whose work celebrates African American culture. This year's exhibition is inspired by the last two lines of the late Lucille Clifton's poem, Won't You Celebrate with Me, "Come celebrate with me the fact that everyday something has tried to kill me, and has failed!"

This exhibition is juried by Vanessa German, an award winning, multi-disciplinary artist. A performer and sculptor, German creates contemporary power figures inspired by the everyday extraordinary might of the human spirit. The theme, Come Celebrate with Me, invites artists to visually acknowledge, express and exhort the grief, pain, sorrow, triumph, and transformation of our stories. From transformation to living ritual, Come Celebrate with Me is not only a call to MAVUNO, it is a call to community, a call to the connectivity of humanity, a call to join in the recognition and celebration of hands and imagination at work- and in work, in purpose. Come Celebrate with Me is an open invitation to the eyes, to the mind and to the spirit.


This Winter Was Toooo Long

An exhibition featuring watercolor paintings by Doug Brown painted over the loooong winter.


Pittsburgh Tattoo Works
July 11 - July 2, 2010

An exhibition featuring the artwork of Pittsburgh's professional tattoo artists. Juried by Don McDonald from Bodyworks Tattoo Studio. www.bodyworks-tattoo.com


Standing Out from the Crowd
June 11-July 2, 2010

Photography exhibition featuring images that define an object, individual or design as it stands out from others around it.  This exhibition is juried by Sylvia Ehler, Education Coordinator at Silver Eye Center for Photography.  Silver Eye Center for Photography is the only organization in Western Pennsylvania dedicated solely to the understanding, appreciation, education and promotion of photography as an art form and as an expressive form of visual communication.  Learn more about Silver Eye at Silver Eye Center for Photography's Website.


   Sewickley Community Juried Student Art Show
May 1-17, 2010

   This fourth annual exhibition is a chance for the community to enjoy the impressive talent of students from local Sewickley schools.


   Life As An Artist
May 21-June 4, 2010

Quaker Valley 8th grade students experience what life as a professional artist is like by planning this show of their work.


Secondhand: Works by Cheron Urbanek
March & April, Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

This is an exhibition of one local girl's international explorations and her attempts to transpire these emotions, recollections, and experiences to the public in two dimensional glimpses. These photographs and works illustrate one artist's valued experiences that a viewer can only interpret from a secondhand stand point. Each interaction between person and environment is automatically individualistic whether it is captured in a camera or summarized by pencils and pastels. Viewers are asked to allow this exhibition to conjure up their own experiences, reactions, and emotions so that they can offer a secondhand experience to another person in our ever globalizing world. Secondhand offers an intriguing assembly of artwork that not only exhibits specific experiences but also offers to ignite experience for its viewers.


Sweetwater Celebrates 35! Exhibition
April 20-24, 2010

The Sweetwater Celebrates 35! Exhibition will showcase work created by local premier artists in Pittsburgh.  All artwork on display has been donated for the auction held at Sweetwater's gala fundraising event on April 17th.  Proceeds from this event will allow us to enhance our quality arts programming as well as to provide scholarships to those in need.  The reception coincides with the Sewickley Spring Gallery Walk and the Village Garden Club Flower Show.


A Celebration of the Arts
March 5-25, 2010

Exhibition featuring works of art from Sewickley Academy, Neighborhood Academy and Quaker Valley School District.

Artists included: Lacey Hall, Noella Richman, Tess Raynovich, Steven Castner, Abbe Bernard, Claire Stetzer, Caroline Gensheimer, Jess Moulton, Sydney Pass, Christopher Boland, Brian Yankello, Ben Holzer, Peter Schramm, Lizz Price, Lanya Snyder, Brenda Gonzalez, Jia Ammad, Kalli Bicket, Mary Grace Gordon, Ryan Brown, Lilian Traviato, Joseph Donohue, Andrew DiNardo, Amanda Lawson, Justin Dumas, John Skinner, Shawntel Freeman, Maiyah Cross, Tamesh Windbush, Brianna Cobb, Shawn Terrell, Miles Guy, David White, and Hassan Rodrieguez.


February 6-26, 2010

An exhibition of diverse artwork by local, national and international artists.  Juried by Beth DeMont and Carol Fahmy.

Artists included: Julie Stunden, Evi Slaby, Alan DeMont, Harry Dombi, Joshua Slaby, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Rosemarie Varsanik, Beth DeMont, Glen DeMont, Carol Fahmy, Nada Farhat, Fumino Hora, Ann Labish, and Jessie Young.  


Student/Instructor Exhibition
January 8-29, 2010

A fabulous showcase of the rich talent of our students and the instructors who teach them.


Appalachian Atmospheres
October 17 - November 13, 2009

Exhibition of finely crafted, functional pottery by 8 artisans exploring the effects and variations that arise in wood, salt, soda and reduction firing

Artists included: Scott Cornish, Joe Delphia, Gerry Dinnen, Joshua Floyd, Heather George, Eric Hahn, Betty Hedman, and Don Hedman.



Souls of My Sisters: Dedicated to First Lady Michelle Obama
Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 4-October 10, 2009


Exhibition of works by members of the regional artist group Women of Visions, Inc. Women of Visions, Inc. began in 1981 and has grown over the years to represent a diverse sampling of artistic styles, mediums, and varied expressions of the personal, social and political experience of the African American female artist.

Artists included: JoAnne Bates, Joyce E. Baucum, Christine Bethea, Tina Williams Brewer, Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Sandra German, Tenanche Rose Golden, Mayota Hill, Marcia Jackson, LaVerne Kemp, Christiane Leach, Mary Martin, Harriette Meriwether, Adrienne Powers, Ruth Richardson, and Ruth Ward.



First Fruit XIII
Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 4-October 10, 2009


13th annual exhibition of artwork by African American artists and artists whose work celebrates African American culture.

Artists included: Alex Sutlic, Ann Johnson, Brent Payne, Carol Moye, Denise Johnson, Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr., Erma Burton, Eugene Campbell, Jr., Frank Hightower, Iris M. Kirkwood, J. Martin Bey, John Hinderliter, Marlon Gist, Stacey Jackson, Terri Perpich, and Tracy L. Moore.


Magic, Alchemy & Shamanism
July 10-August 14, 2009

Artists, through absinthe spells, drug haze, spiritual callings, slight of hand and dependence on the primal forces of nature have always searched for meaning in the universe.  As the theme for this exhibition, all discoveries, acient or contemporary, future or past, spiritual or mundane, are embraced as the artist pushes his or her limitations and changes led to gold. Juried by Steve Mendelson and Terry Shutko of Pittsburgh's renowned Mendelson Gallery in Shadyside.

Artists included: Amy DiMichele, Aaron M. Brown, Alex R. Sutlic, Bill Ireland, Brandon Sanderson, Christopher J. Puccini, Courtney Cullen, Cathy Kelly, Carlee Freeman, Christopher W. Weeks, Beborah McLaren, Gregoire, Jim Liedtke, Keith Ellis, Lee Brown, Lana Stephens, Meaghan Harrison, Pamela Lanza, Phil Norris, Patricia Zimmerman, Robert David, Ruthanne F. Bauerle, Ron Jesiolowski, Ronald Nigro, Sherrie Plonski, Tamara Staser-Meltzer, and Will C. White.


Recto Verso
June 5 - 30, 2009

Traditional and nontraditional handmade artist books.

Artists included: Todd Sanders, Joan Goswell, Naomi J. Falk, Shawn Watrous, Lizzy DeVita, Brigette Marshala, Suzanne Fellows, Deanna Mulye, Adam Grossi, Adrienne Rozzi, Kristen Lowe-Rebel, Courtney Druzak, M. Callen, Debra Tomson, Lauren Heller, Alam Byrne, and Patty Gallagher.


Youth Art Month
May, 2009

Annual grouping of exhibitions of student artwork

  Sewickley Community Juried Student Art Show, Life as an Artist, and After School Art


Celebrate Sewickley
April 4 - 25, 2009

Art Exhibition and Auction showcasing work that celebrates our community.

Artists included: Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Doug Brown, Alan Byrne, Judy Chu, William Cook, David Cooper, Michael Creese, Beth DeMont, Frank Dininno, Pat Falbo, Patty Gallagher, Ann Guip Quillen, Bryce Hemmington, Judith Mallin Herzog, C. Keith Jones, Cathy Kelly, James Larson, Deborah McLaren, CJ Mullins, Gail Murray, Lynn Osborn, Sherrie Plonski, Nicole Sarver, Pete Schlict, Colleen Sherts, D. Zoe Shutka, Ellen Siergiej, Robert Snyder, Peter Sour, Diane Stetzer, Catherine Susko, Richard Thompson, Ron Thurston, Charlotte Tolliver, Cheron Urbanek, Germaine Watkins, Joyce Werwie Perry, Will C. White, and Danielle Worst.


The Day After Tomorrow
March 6 - 28, 2009

Contemporary ceramic sculpture influenced by science fiction and technology.

Artists included: Michael Angelotti, Vince Palacios, Eva Funderburgh, Jae Yong Kim, and Gregory Byard.


Moths to a Flame
February 5 - 28, 2009

Artwork by Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Alumni living in Pittsburgh.

Artists included:  Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Cory Bonnet, Josh Connolly, Mike Budai, Nicole Catalfamo, Jen Cooney, Jonathan Schwarz, Brett Douglas Davis, Justin Dubois, Kristine R. Synowka,  Mitchell Eismont, Jane Freeland Ogren, Jason Furda, Robert J. Kluz, Gene Marsh, Brigette Marshala, Cassie Staub, Teresa Martuccio, Mary Mastren-Williams, Kimberly McMahon, Sandra Mitchell Moore, Darren Myers, Ronald Nigro, April Sulkowski, and Ashley Moore.


Student/Instructor Show
January 9 - 31, 2009

A fabulous showcase of the rich talent of our students and the instructors who teach them.

Artists included: Alexander Comerci, John Comerci, Joseph Cirelli, Robert Swinkola, Joanne Seifried, Annie Comerci, Beth DeMont, Will White, Judith Herzog, David Cooper, Joyce Werwie Perry, Sam Sedory, Wendy LeMarquand, Joan Scheuring, Gianna Chenet, Monica Hietsch, Duff klaber, Duncan MacDiarmid, Deborah Day, Marian Day, Doug Brown, Cynthia Shaffer, Duane Cacali, Beth Fallen, Mauriana Vasilakis, Tiffany Vasilakis, Athan Vasilakis, Olivia Cunningham, Marie Long, Mason Zabrucky, Joshua Sacco, Eric Handovich, Lily Schweitzer, D. Zoe Shutka, Mia Mangin, Madison Mangin, Amanda Lyon, Norma Nieto, Margi Gregory, Ron Thurston, Declan Hamill, Shirley Rowley, Judy Pizzurro, Charlene Beck, Colleen Sherts, Judy Mattei, and Andrew Griesacker.


The Brij
October 17 - November 14, 2008

New abstract paintings by members of The Brij.

Artists included: Brett Douglas Davis, Mark Gualtieri, Rob Katkowski, Jen Murray, and Shawn Watrous.



First Fruit XII
Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 5 - 14, 2008


12th Annual juried exhibition of artists whose work celebrates African American culture.

Artist included: John Hinderliter, Candace Hunter, Ann Johnson, Denise, Johnson, Anissa Lewis, Carol Moye, Judith Pleasant, Mona Randall, Sherry Shine, D. Zoe Shutka, Adrienne Stitt, Frank Tillman, Grant Eldridge, Stephanie Akorli, and Dean Baldwin.



Mavuno Invitational
Mavuno Festival of African American Culture
September 12 - October 10, 2008


Curated exhibition of established African American artists in the region.

Artists included: Mayota Hill, Jim McDowell, Anire Mosley, and Monique Luck.


Figure Pittsburgh
August 2 - 27, 2008

Contemporary interpretations of the human form.

Artists included:  Jamie Adams, Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Alan Byrne, Jen Cooney, Beth DeMont, Lauren Etling, Paula Garrick Klein, Christia Labrise, Gene Marsh, Darren Myers, Terri Perpich, Laurie Salopek, Robert Snyder, Nicky Snyder, Samantha Thorp, Josh Tonies, Debra Tomson, Christopher Kardambikis, Joyce Werwie Perry, D. Zoe Shutka, and Shawn Watrous.


Windows and Dreams
June 25 - July 25, 2008

Works by members of the regional artist group Digital Imagers Group.


Youth Art Month
May, 2008

Annual grouping of exhibitions of student artwork

   Sewickley Community Juried Student Art Show, Life as an Artist, and After School Art


Celebrate Sewickley
April 11 - 26, 2008

Art Auction showcasing work that celebrates our community.

Artists included: Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Ruthanne Bauerle, Helen Bitaxis, Doug Brown, Gloria Correa, Sasha Kagen, Cathy Kelly, Melody Lockerman, CJ Mullins, Gail Murray, Norma Nieto, Jebby Potter, David Saint-Jacques, Laurie Salopek, Pete Schlicht, Colleen Sherts, D. Zoe Shutka, Pete Sour, Richard Thompson, Joyce Werwie Perry, Will C. White, and Douglas Wynn.


Juicy Terracotta
March 7 - April 4, 2008

Exhibition revealing the juicy nature of terra cotta clay, coinciding with NCECA 2008.

Artists included: Helen Otterson, Kari Radasch, Elizabeth Coleman, and Ayumi Horie.


February 2 - 29, 2008

Exhibition featuring MFA work from West Virginia University.

Artists included: David Hale, Jeff Hindal, Patrick Jones, Nick LeJeune, Jen Rockage, Evan Thomas, and Emily Walley.


Student/ Instructor Show
January - 31, 2008

A fabulous showcase of the rich talent of our students and the instructors who teach them.

Artists included: Charlene Beck, George Berry, Mary Boyle, Catherine Brown, Doug Brown, Joseph Cirelli, Rose Clancey, Miriam Cortese, Olivia Cunningham, Beth DeMont, Marne Dramble, Marianne Fadden, Pat Falbo, Beth Fallon, Patty Gallagher, Cathy Gialloreto, Judith Herzog, Mayota Hill, Rosemary Hogan, Andrew Klaber, Marie Long, Duncan MacDiarmid, Geoffrey Magin, Judith A. Mattei, Deborah McLaren, Maddi McLeod, CJ Mullins, Norma Nieto, Joyce Werwie Perry, Katherine Pflugh, Judy Pillurro, Lisa Rasmussen, Autumn Redcross, Robert Rupert, Laurie Salopek, Joann Seifried, Mary Elizabeth Sensebaugh, Cynthia Shaffer, Megan Shane, D. Zoe Shutka, Brittany Smith, Patricia Stewart, Catherine Susko, Joyce Swaney, Ron Thurston, Taye Townley, Mary Jo Vajentic, Athan Vasilakis, Tiffany Vasilakis, Maurianna Vasilakis, Lisa Walton, Linda Wellner, Rives Yost, and Collette Zielinski.