Field Trips

The visual arts play a vital role in the development and learning of children from preschool all the way through high school. Sweetwater is committed to providing quality art education for students of all ages and backgrounds, and believes that the arts enhance children's appreciation and understanding of the world around them. Our goal is to enrich students' comprehension of organizational principles, perceptions and art techniques through our field trips and programs. Field trips at Sweetwater give students the ability to collaborate and think creatively to express their ideas through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and other mediums.

Sweetwater Field Trips (PA standards: 1.6, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3)

Sweetwater offers a variety of field trips for area pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools as well as groups of homeschooled students. This is a great opportunity for children and young adults to be exposed to the world of art through their local art center.

All field trips include a tailored, hands-on art workshop of your choosing, as well as an optional 30 minute tour of Sweetwater Center for the Arts that will explain the 100 year-old building's rich history as an historic landmark and introduce students to how the art center functions on a day to day basis as students explore the Center's various art studios, gallery and office.

Prices start at $8.00 per student and are dependent on the type of workshop chosen. Minimum of $80 per field trip.

Clay Day - All Grade Levels
This fun-filled day of clay will introduce students to ceramics as they work in Sweetwater's ceramics studio creating their very own clay masterpieces. A demonstration will be given on how to throw clay on a potter's wheel, and students will learn various hand building techniques for clay construction. Choose from a pinch or coil pot, or an animal sculpture. 
Price: $10.00 per student, minimum of $100

Interested in firing your finished pieces?  For $10.00 per student, and a minimum of $100, your art will be fired in Sweewater's kiln.  All fired pieces must be picked up from Sweetwater within a 10 day period.

From Trash to Treasures - All Grade Levels
Reuse, Renew, Upcylce!  Students will tap into their sustainability creativity to make eco-friendly art masterpieces using found recycled materials.   

Personalized Postage - All Grade Levels
Explore the history of snail mail through a tour of our building, the Old Sewickley Post Office.  Create customized stamps using to-go boxes and print-making techniques. Encourage your students to re-visit the act of letter writing through Pen-Pals using their own hand-made correspondence!

Sweetwater Safari - Pre-K, K-5
Students will make safari masks to take on an adventurous safari tour of Sweetwater. Watch out for lions, tigers and bears, OH MY!

Festive Field Trips - All Grade Levels
Prepare for the next upcoming holiday festivities or season by taking a field trip to Sweetwater! Go on an exploration and walk in the shoes of the early Pilgrims in celebration of Thanksgiving or gear up for Halloween and take a haunted tour of Sweetwater's 100-year-old building and celebrate with a spooky craft!

Create-Your-Own-Theme - All Grade Levels
Have an idea for a Sweetwater field trip? We will work with you to create a theme and find the perfect project for your students! From crafts for pre-schoolers to in-depth painting workshops for high school art students, Sweetwater has something for everyone.

Let Sweetwater Come to You! - All Grade Levels
Interested in planning a program at your own facility? No problem! Sweetwater will provide the materials and the instructor and come to you! Sweetwater has worked with various school districts to offer art programs both during the school day as well as after school. We are able to offer one-time workshops as well as ongoing programs. Please contact Sweetwater at 412-741-4405 for more information.


Contact Information:

For additional information regarding Sweetwater field trips or to reserve your spot, please contact Julie Domineck, the Outreach Coordinator, at 412-741-4405 or jdomineck@sweetwaterartcenter.org.

A contract will be sent to your organization at the time of scheduling. To guarantee your reservation, please return a signed copy of the field trip contract with your deposit no later than one week prior to the date of your field trip. Confirmation of scheduling will be sent upon receiving contract and payment.