Creative Writing


Legacy Writing CW01
9/13/2017 - 11/1/2017
6:00:00 PM - 8:00:00 PM
Garilli, Dakota
We all have stories we want to pass on to posterity. In this 4-week workshop, students will engage with various writing prompts to explore forms such as a memory book, family history, or traditional memoir essay. What do you want the younger generation to remember?


Creative Writing CW02
9/18/2017 - 11/6/2017
9:30:00 AM - 11:30:00 AM
Blair, Beverlee
Join us up the street at the historic Sewickley Library where both beginners and experienced writers will find instruction and support as they learn to collect their thoughts and construct their own short stories and essays. Students will learn editing techniques, character development, setting, plot, narrative voice, and exposition, while participating in regular, and supportive critiques. Join instructor Beverlee Blair and a veteran cast of returning students currently working on essays, a memoir, a short story collection, a novel, and a vague but persistent creative notion. Bring a spark, a kernel, the seed of an idea. Bring your laptop, favorite pen or pencil... and come to write! This class is located at the Sewickley Library: 500 Thorn St, Sewickley, PA 15143.