Artist Guild February Meeting

Join us for the newly-formed Artist Guild, which is open to ALL working artists and craftsmen.  Our mission is to foster a networking forum to celebrate diversity and to link artists to each other and to the community.

Next Meeting: Monday, February 25th at 7pm
Location: Sweetwater Center for the Arts

Our next guest speaker is the humorous editorial illustrator, George Schill.  George is a contract artist and writer for American Greetings, where he recently signed on to his 38th year creating approximately 200 cards annually!

Full Bio –

George Schill was born and raised in Turtle Creek,Pa. His illustration career began many years ago while attending St. Colman grade school, where classmates commissioned him to draw “weirdos” for a nickel. Unfortunately, his business empire soon crumbled after Sister Mary Anthony called his mother to express concern that her dutiful son was spending much of his free time drawing Satan.

These days, George still earns his lunch money by drawing weirdos and other stuff for a wide variety of satisfied customers.

Clients  from Playboy to Disney Adventures, Fortune 500 companies to the not-so-fortunate  and publishers have all counted on him to learn how to do a proper invoice for his humorous and editorial illustrations.   George is also a contract artist and writer for American Greetings, where he recently signed on to his 38th year creating approximately 200 design units annually.

His work has garnered a number of awards over the years, and has been selected for inclusion in the NY Society of Illustrators annuals and shows, Communication Arts Magazine, Print’s Regional Design Annuals and the Addy’s. His greeting cards have also been nominated for the  National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards, and he has the table centerpieces proudly displayed on his mantle to prove it.

In 1997, George co-founded the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators after seeing a need for illustrators working in isolation to put on a decent shirt and get out of the house to meet and talk shop. It has since grown to be the second largest illustration society in the country, no thanks to him, but he played an integral role in buying the first round of drinks.

George works out of his home in Monroeville, PA, where he is working on emulating the instinctive drawings of his five grandchildren.


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