Fine Art Finger Painting BS01

Dates: 11/10/2018
Times: 10:00am - 1:00pm (1 Saturday)
Ages: Adult + Child
Instructor: Lena Lengyel
Member Rate: $20.00
Non-Member Rate: $30.00
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Fine Art Finger Painting BS01

Not just for kids, adult finger painting is the newest trend! Leave your brushes behind and let your fingers do the work. Learn this new fun technique and create your own masterpiece! Come relax, get messy and unleash your creativity!
This class is located at our Beaver Station location: 250 East End Ave., Beaver, PA 15009

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When you or a family member is looking to take an art class, view an exhibition, or attend a cultural event, where do you turn? If you're like most in our community, you go to Sweetwater Center for the Arts.

$1,000 provides enough materials to fund a semester-long community outreach program.
$500 allows two senior citizens to take an oil painting class.
$250 provides enough clay for every student in an 8-week ceramics class.
$200 will send a child to summer camp for a week.
$100 provides the food for a culinary workshop.
$50 provides materials for two weeks of painting camps.

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