Charcoal/Pencil Drawing of the Human Form DR01

Dates: 09/13/2018 – 11/01/2018
Times: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM (8 Thursdays)
Ages: Ages 16+
Instructor: Brian Druckenmiller
Member Rate: 210
Non-Member Rate: 240
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Charcoal/Pencil Drawing of the Human Form DR01

This class will be a quick introduction to the various types of charcoals and pencils. I will demonstrate a variety of ways to draw with charcoal and pencil and the usage of the eraser and/or paint brush to add detail to the piece. The pupils will learn to draw the human form using a model (clothed) or figure still life display. We will experiment between the differences of painting real life and the use of imagination, exploring how to create composition, movement and subject matter.

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Materials are provided.

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